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5 Best Restaurants in San Jose for Travelers from USA


In your search for the best restaurants in San Jose, you might have had some terrible experiences at the restaurants that you have visited so far. So, I have decided to put together great restaurants offering tasty, affordable dishes. Next time you are in San Jose, be sure to check out the following restaurants:


Lorenzos Italian Steakhouse

Lorenzos Italian Steakhouse is a highly recommended restaurant, which, in addition to its normal dishes, offers special meals for Valentine’s Day. Though the restaurant is located among many other restaurants in San Jose, it stands out from them for its great services, tasty dishes, and ambiance.

The menu offers lasagna, shrimp fettuccine, Chicken Parm, meat ravioli, pasta, wines, and much more. All of the foods are cooked very well and served in large portions.

To whet your appetite, you can order either champagne or salad, which is fresh and tasty. Then, you can order pasta, which is served in a white sauce; it comes with mushrooms that will keep raving about it; its texture will have you lick the plate. The meat ravioli with a sauce is out of this world.

As for beverages, you can snap your favorite red wine, sangria. If you do not drink alcohol, then you can go for lemon mint; it is refreshing. You can then finish your meals with the passion fruit mousse accompanied by chocolate cake, both of which are delicious.


Restaurante Gaudi

This restaurant is well known for its terrific wine selections. Most of the travelers love the beverages and cannot have enough; they keep coming back for more. You can tell that the wine is freshly squeezed out of the nice vine on the patio. Other than wines, the spot offers delicious dishes that keep its clients satisfied.

The menu offers cheese, eggplant, risotto, pasta, octopus, lamb burger, marinated mushrooms, grilled lamb chops, and much more. There are wonderful appetizers to choose from. As for entrees, you can order risotto, which is the best seafood; you can order pasta as well as octopus. You can order more but you need to leave for the lamb burger, which is the best meat you can have—you can order grilled lamb chops; they are wonderfully prepared and delicious.

The servers are very good; they are influent speakers of English. So, the clients are never faced with a hard time communicating with them; the servers are helpful enough to recommend the best food for the clients. They even chat with the visitors.


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El Novillo Alegre Parrilla Argentina


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El Novillo Alegre Parrilla Argentina is a famous restaurant based in Santa Ana, Costa Rica. The spot offers authentic American and Argentinian cuisines for the clients, the locals and the travelers; it is perfect for family and business meals. Though the restaurant excels in steaks, it offers other dishes as well. Next time you are around this area, make sure you stop by and savor its delicious steaks; you will not be disappointed.


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Tap House Costa Rica – City Place

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Tap House Costa Rica – City Place, as its name implies, is a Costa Rican restaurant based both in City Place in Santa Ana and in Escazu Village. The foods offered are typically American and Costa Rican. Given their affordable prices, the locals in love of their local foods and the travelers in search of the American dishes can enjoy the best meals at this restaurant while in Costa Rica. If you are one of the group in search of these foods, this restaurant is the right one for you; you need to make a reservation.


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La Casona de Laly

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Located in Santa Ana, La Casona de Laly offers excellent Costa Rican dishes at unbelievably affordable prices. This restaurant is one of the best restaurants catering for local foods in the area. If you are in Santa Ana wondering where you can enjoy authentic Costa Rican dishes, then you now know the place; this is the right one for you to do so. Offering local foods, it is then frequented by the locals—singles, families as well as couples. At times, you do see some tourists who wish to try local foods.


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PiCNiC Deli & Cafe

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PiCNiC Deli & Cafe is a small, popular restaurant based in Santa Ana, Costa Rica. It offers healthy and tasty dishes at affordable prices. Given its sumptuous foods and great services, the clients label it one of the best restaurants in the area. If you are around, look no further; this place will certainly meet your needs. Since the spot is family-friendly, you can take your family with you.


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Bacchus is a highly recommended restaurant in Santa Ana. It offers excellent and affordable meals in a beautiful spot, a perfect place for family, partners, and friends to spend time together. The restaurant offers gifts for the clients, who are celebrating anniversaries. Since it gets crowded, you need to make a reservation or go early.


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Porky’s Bar-B-Q

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Porky’s Bar-B-Q is an amazing restaurant excelling in hamburgers and beer; it also offers other kinds of food. If you have been searching for excellent burgers in Costa Rica, this is one of the best spots you can ever visit. You can visit the spot with friends; you will have a great time together. Located in Santa Ana, the spot is often visited by both locals and travelers. For the excellent food and beverages, the prices are indeed affordable.

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Based in Santa Ana, alTAPAS excels in tapas; it also offers other foods. If you are in Costa Rica and want to try something different from the Costa Rican foods, this restaurant is the right place for you. Given that it is the main go-to spot in the area, you need to make a reservation or go early.


Foods at alTAPAS

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The menu offers tapas, seafood paella, octopus, shrimp, prosecco, pork trotters, chistorras, chickpeas, chicken, garlic sauce, boquerones, beef, and much more. The tapas are excellently prepared with fresh and natural ingredients. Those who savor them do feel their unique taste from Barcelona.

To whet your appetite, you are given prosecco. Then, you can order pulpo a la gallega accompanied with boquerones topped with all ajillo as well as pan tomaca. This plate has great flavors; it will get you satiated.

You can finish off with aperitif, a complimentary taste. For beverages, you can choose your favorite wine from the spot’s vast wine selection.



Services at alTAPAS

The staff is very accommodating. Whether you go for meals or merely for snacks, there is a place for you. Even when the restaurant is busy with other clients, they always find a room for you. Then, they surprise you with prosecco, a complimentary taste to whet your appetite. At times, they give zucchini tapas and some wine as freebies. As you decide on your entrées, the staff quickly brings the food in no time. If you need some help ordering your food or need recommendations, the servers kindly do so for you. As they lend a hand, you won’t regret taking their orders. They also spend time chatting with you, so you can feel home.


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Pizza Republica

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Though Pizza Republica is situated in Santa Ana, called City Place, where every other restaurant is pricey, this restaurant is the exception. It offers delicious foods at very affordable prices. It is suitable for breakfast, lunch, and dinner for the whole family and children. If you are around this area, look no further than this spot.


Foods at Pizza Republica

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The menu offers Caeser salad, cheese, a variety of pizzas ranging from meaty to veggie pizza. Yes, pizza is the specialty. Aside from the foods, the menu also offers wines such as sangria and other types of beer—natural beers; you can also have juices. Depending on the weekdays, all these foods are sold at great discounts.

You can start with the fresh salad, and order your favorite pizza. If you want the meaty version, you can have at it; if you prefer the veggie one, it is available as well. The cheese is also worth ordering.

Then, you can choose your beverages: if you drink alcohol, you can get the red wine or the natural beers; if you drink non-alcoholic drinks, you order the tasty cocktails.



Services at Pizza Republica

The staff welcomes every visitor and provides them with seats in no time. Then, they bring them their small menu; they offer to help them choose their dishes. Yet, the clients can choose for themselves if they know their favorite dishes. The food is brought in a timely manner.



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maxi’s by Ricky

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Coming from Studio Hotel, maxi’s by Ricky, a family-run restaurant situated in Santa Ana, is a 7-minute drive. It offers Costa Rican cuisine blended with that of Jamaica, suitable for the locals and the travelers alike.


Foods at maxi’s by Ricky

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The menu provides tasty foods, such as red snapper, rice, seafood soup, chicken, coleslaw, shrimp, peas, fried green and ripe plantain, beans, fish, lobster, and more. The portions of the food are generous to satisfy your hunger; even the desserts are ample.

For entrées, you can order arroz con pollo, an excellent meal for the stomach. If you like beans, you can get them with rice. Depending on your desire, the rice can either be served with chicken or with fish.

You should not miss out on the lobster; it’s excellent and large on the plate.

You can ask for bottles of peppa sauce; it’s excellently made with carrot, onions, and peppers. In addition, you can try Agua de sapo, a great mixture of lemon, unrefined sugar, and ginger. Though it may be an unusual drink, it is very tasty; coffee is also available.


Services at maxi’s by Ricky

The food offered on the spot will remind you of the Caribbean side of Costa Rica. The staff is friendly and helpful to the customers. Not only are they ready to take your orders, but also they take the time to help you choose your entrées well by fully explaining their menu, as it has some complicated names. Then, they bring the food in no time. As a result, all the clients are satisfied; the foods and drinks are affordable.


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