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Located near the Poas volcano in the mountains, Chubascos is a very beautiful and big restaurant. Given the size, it can hold so many clients. So, you can go with your partner, family, friends, colleagues, and more; you won’t lack a seat. Yet, since it is a popular restaurant due to its tasty and affordable meals, you do need to make a reservation. The spot is arguably the best restaurant you can ever visit in Alajuela, Costa Rica.


Foods at Chubascos

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The menu offers Casado, tilapia, tomato soup, rice, coffee, homemade iced tea, mocha capp, pork chop, fried plantains, cheesecake, beans, green smoothie, fruits and much more.

To whet your appetite, you can order the green smoothie, which is refreshing and yummy. You can then order your favorite food; the crispy patacones are loaded with guacamole, beans, and pick de Gallo. They can be best enjoyed with the pineapple smoothies.

The tilapia is served with the veggies, which are unique and tasty. If you are with your children, make sure they enjoy the breaded chicken.

You can then end your meal with cheesecake accompanied with blackberries.


Services at Chubascos

The staff warmly welcomes every client. Given the wide space, the clients can choose where they’d like to enjoy their meals. As they decide on the food, the customers can watch the gourmet perform magic on the wood-burning stove; the smell is pleasant and appetizing. After finishing performing the magic, the servers quickly take the food to the tables. Every food is unbeatable; all the clients are so happy with their dishes that they can’t stop raving about them. And their return is guaranteed.



The restaurant is excellently decorated. It is surrounded by green plants and beautiful gardens. As the clients sit on the terrace, they marvel at the garden and its hummingbirds. Meanwhile, the kids take a delight in the open green playground.



Phone number: 00 506 2482 2280

North Laguna Fraijanes, on the way to Poas Volcano. 1km, Alajuela 20101, Costa Rica

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