Situated on the main street, Cocorico is a restaurant excelling in Italian food. So, if you are interested in this food, you’d better stop by or head to this lovely place. It is suited for the entire family, including your kids. They are going to love the surprises awaiting them.


Foods at Cocorico

The food comprises of pizza, fish, focacia, pasta, delicious home-made salad, etc. Every food has great flavor and quality. The pepperoni pizza is very tasty. The home-made salad comprises of a chicken with avocado; they also add some tomatoes, lettuce and the lasagne to the salad. With delicious balsamic vinegar added, you will feel you are eating the best Italian salad. You can also order focacia with olive oil.
There are great beverages like beer, juice, and tasty cocktails such as mojito.
The price is Affordable, which makes the restaurant worthy of your visit.


Services at Cocorico

The owner and the waiters are kind. They attend to your needs in a satisfactory manner. They are quick on orders; you won’t need to wait for your food. With any gesture you make, they come promptly and take care of you. They also have great movies to watch while you indulge yourself with their excellent dishes. As of 7pm, you can start watching their movies. Plus, the kids are allowed to choose what to watch on the flat screen.


There is good ambiance. You can either be seated outside or inside. On the outside, you will greeted by great breeze. Given the beauty of the restaurant, you are encouraged to eat outside especially when it is hot inside.
As a native English speaker, you will love the DVDs in English language. Aside from cocktails, you might as well want to chill with beer.



Main Road, 150 m. South from the Police Station, Cahuita, Costa Rica
Phone number: 00 506 2755 0409

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