Coco’s Bar y Restaurante

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Coco’s Bar y Restaurante is a fantastic eating spot situated in Cahuita. The restaurant has room for every person who is looking for delicious dishes at affordable prices. It offers excellent breakfast, lunch, and dinner for all the locals and travelers.


Foods at Coco’s Bar y Restaurante

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The menu has unbeatable foods, such as ceviche, nachos, Casado, beans, rice, Carribean chicken, patacones, fish and more. Given that the food is served in large portions, it is shareable in such a way that two clients can enjoy the same meal and still get satiated.

Casado, a mixture of so many foods, is worth ordering for a group of friends.

You can also order a plate of rice with beans as well as Caribbean chicken. This mouth-watering food is the typical Limon dish. For the most part, it is one of the best foods of the restaurant. Getting a plate of patacones and guacamole is a must, as well.

Delicious tropical drinks are also available. For example, you can order smoothies, coffee, beer, or any other drink on the menu. The tropical drinks are excellently mixed with lots of fruits.



Services at Coco’s Bar y Restaurante

The restaurant is one of those spots with the best services in Costa Rica. No matter how busy the spot is, there is always lavished attention upon the clients. Even when the clients show up later while the spot is about to close, the staff is still willing to take them in and meet their needs. Then, the staff quickly gives them the menu and patiently answers any questions asked about the food; they are always ready to guide the clients in their choice of meals.




The spot looks gorgeous with an amazing environment that is suitable for relaxation. As the clients dine, they are delighted by people-watching.



Phone number: 00 506 2755 0437

Cahuita Main Road, Cahuita, Costa Rica

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