How To Select The Best All Inclusive Resort in Costa Rica (And Traveling Tips)

Are you thinking of having a vacation on one of the most beautiful places on earth? Well, consider Costa Rica; the country with the best all-inclusive resorts in the world. These resorts are just mind-blowing. In Costa Rica all inclusive resorts are very common. However, choosing the best from the numerous all-inclusive resorts in Costa Rica is a task. For guidance take a look at the following 3 essential steps.

Costa Rica All Inclusive Resorts – How to Choose the Best of the Bests

Choosing the best out of a myriad of options is often taxing. Most, if not all resorts in Costa Rica have beautiful beaches, incredible ecosystem, actually, most of the things nature can offer. The important thing is choosing a resort that meets your needs. To choose the best, consider the following 3 simple steps.

Check the best location

Truth be told, most people adore resorts close to the beach. At the same time, preference varies. The location you choose depends on your reasons for visit. Whether it’s a family vacation, honeymoon or couples vacation, consider a suitable destination. You can find superb adults only or family resorts in places like Drake Bay, San Jose, Coco Beach, Nosara beach, just to name a few. When you are in Costa Rica all inclusive resorts can be the best resorts to choose from.

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Have a well-planned budget

Your wallet decides a lot, so have a budget. Knowing the amount you have to spend, will help you narrow down the list of resorts. Take your time and compare the prices. Remember to check exclusion in the fine print. Don’t just Google Costa Rica all inclusive resorts, be more specific. Like “all inclusive costa rica beach resorts” or “all inclusive resorts in costa rica with airfare”. When you are in Costa Rica holidays are when you see price hike in resorts. So, plan accordingly.

Choose the right type of all-inclusive resort

Are you looking for an all-inclusive family, adult only or adult & family resort? In Costa Rica all inclusive resorts are well categorized. All-inclusive resorts in Costa Rica differ depending on the type of accommodation.

All-inclusive family resorts

If you brought the whole family with you, better choose a kid-friendly resort. In simple terms, a resort, kids can have fun and do a bunch of other activities. Plus, the whole family should enjoy every bit of the vacation. Here is a good list of Costa Rica all-inclusive family resorts.

All-inclusive adults only resorts

In Costa Rica all inclusive resorts are usually family friendly. However, some are adults only. Seeking a romantic and an intimate setting? Adults only resort is probably what you are looking for. Aside from unlimited luxury, they offer great services specifically for couples. You can walk into these adult only resorts and expect quality services. In most of the all inclusive adults only resorts Costa Rica ensures privacy.

All-inclusive family & adults resorts

Some resorts offer both packages. These types of resorts are nicely partitioned into sections. Each building has its own pool and restaurant. However, the resort facilities are shared. If you want to enjoy private moments with both your family and partner, these should do.

5 Traveling Tips

Visiting a new country can be overwhelming. Plus you have to learn to adjust to the new environment fast. The first step, identify all-inclusive resorts in Costa Rica with airfare. This will help you get the first available and cheapest flight to Costa Rica. You can then go for the tips below.

Purchase a pre-paid sim card

You can find a pre-paid sim card at the nearest Kolbi service desk. Why buy it? Very cheap, easy to use and has the best connectivity. You won’t have to worry about losing connectivity while on your vacation. The sim card comes in 500mb lasting for 2 weeks or 2GB lasting for one month. Depending on the number of days you plan to stay, you can purchase one.

Use WAZE instead of google maps

Google maps are always best at locating places, but not in Costa Rica. WAZE is the real deal at finding routes in Costa Rica. Besides giving you real-time traffic updates, it shows you police warnings and accidents.

Do I rent a car?

Unless you don’t want to have a great view and enjoy unlimited freedom, then no.  It can be a little bit tricky choosing the right car company. To get the best car rental services choose Adobe. Aside from not attaching extra fees, they are very transparent about their charges.

Use US Dollars no need of Colones

Restaurants and even local markets in Costa Rica accept US dollars. Therefore, you don’t need to exchange Costa Rican colon beforehand. But, if you insist, visit the bank for best exchange rates or simply pay your bills and get the change in colones.

You can drink tap water

Surprised? Don’t be. You can absolutely drink tap water in Costa Rica. The water there is very safe. I know it may sound a bit cheesy but you can.

Join expert guided tours

With a self-guided tour, you get to have a quiet and a good time. However, you will miss a lot. An expert guided tour in or out of the all-inclusive resorts is fun. Besides the fun, you get to visit a lot of places. Get to maximize your stay in Costa Rica by joining good tour groups.

Bonus Tips

If possible, get travel insurance. It will help you during any medical or health emergencies. Despite the awesome environment, your body may find it hard adjusting to certain conditions. Therefore, it’s better to be safe than sorry. You can purchase travel insurance at word nomads insurance before boarding the flight.

To enjoy every bit of your vacation, it’s good to go with the seasons. For instance;

  • Surfing on the Pacific side is great from June to October.
  • The ideal time to visit the Caribbean coast is from November to May
  • The perfect timing to see the tortoise hatch their egg (tortoise season) is from February to October.

All-inclusive resorts in Costa Rica are no doubt the best places to visit. You only have to understand some few staff to help you choose the best. Don’t rush, take your time and select a resort that meets every standard. Be it food, accommodation or room service; just make sure they serve you right.

If all-inclusive resorts in Costa Rica are not the best, then which country has the best? Where do people go wrong when selecting the best resort? Is it the type, the steps or both?

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