7 Budget Costa Rican Beach Resorts That Give You a Luxury Experience

We all know for a fact that sometimes we need an awesome vacation. And by sometimes I meant a lot of times! Whether you are a hardworking employee, a businessman, a single parent who likes to take his family on a trip, or a student dreaming of spring break, the beach is waiting for you. You might have been looking for wonderful resorts and stunning beaches. Costa Rica is the country that can serve you with that. In Costa Rica Beach Resorts are common. However, finding the best ones is always a hassle. Let me guide you!

However, many things (or one thing) can stop us from packing, like the budget. Little did you know that there are actually a lot ofall-inclusive Costa Rica beach resorts where you can stay for a vacation like the royal highness but at the same time smile at your budget.

Oceano Boutique HotelOceano Boutique Hotel

First on our list is definitely Oceano Boutique Hotel located in Jaco`, Costa Rica. This is one of the best Costa Rica Beach Resorts. The thing that really sets Costa Rica from other Caribbean islands is that it has been able to preserve itself from submitting to massive tourism and so you can still enjoy an eco-friendly and luxurious experience from the country. Oceano Boutique is in the heart of Jaco` but can give you a peaceful and serene stay.

This little paradise costs around $80.00 per night which includes a complimentary breakfast, a fitness gym, a spa that offers massages, and a beautiful view of the pool. This place has just a walking distance from the beach. What a total lifesaver!

Now, if you want to splurge a little for an all-inclusive resort, then our next pick must be of your choice.

Casa Conde HotelThe Casa Conde Hotel

A list of Costa Rica Beach Resorts cannot be completed without Casa Conde Hotel. This 4-starred beach resort is located in San Jose`, sitting on a one mile beach of the city. A luxurious stay in the place costs about $250.00 per night but remember all meals are included. And unlike any other all-inclusive resorts, Casa Conde Hotel has highly rated meals.

The charming resort has many to offer including a peaceful stay for those in need of relaxation. So, if your looking for a party-like surrounding, you might get disappointed.

La Marejada HotelLa Marejada Hotel

Our next pick is the La Marejada Hotel located near the dreamy beach coasts of Guanacaste. For a very affordable price of $65.00 per night, one can live a luxurious stay in an air-conditioned room, with pools around and a restaurant. And a beautiful view of the beach during the day. That’s why La Marejada Hotel is always on the top of a list of best Costa Rica Beach Resorts.



Vista Bahia Beach ResortVista Bahia Beach Resort

Our next choice costs a little bit of penny, but is worth it. It is called the Vista Bahia Beach Resort. This beautiful scenery is planted along the coastline of Golfo De Papagayo. The suites are large and elegantly decorated. This resort is good for a family vacation as it has pools, clubs for the adults, and a shoreline that goes on forever.

Most rooms are spacious in Vista Bahia and have kitchen and dining area with them as one could really feel like home but at the same time a special guest.

Hotel Kokoro ArenalHotel Kokoro Arenal

Number 5 on our list is the Hotel Kokoro Arenal. Now this is actually not a beach resort, but before you get upset you have to wait and see what this little paraiso has to offer. With prices that start from $134 per night, breakfast is included, there’s a an outdoor pool and three hot-springs on-site. Kokoro Arenal is known for being eco-friendly, yoga-friendly and reasonably clean surroundings.

Hotel Villa AmarillaHotel Villa Amarilla

Top 6 on our list is the Hotel Villa Amarilla found in Tamarindo, Province of Guanacaste, Costa Rica. This villa is perfect for those who like to surf or for those who like to bravely try. The surrounding has funky and modernized taste of decor with rooms very much affordable. Usually, prices vary depending on the package you would want but most room stays are with breakfast included.

The hotel has no spas or traditional pools but here’s the catch, the beach is just some walking distance from the villa and the waves are just one surfing board away!

The resort really has their own way of making guests feel like a little bit home because they can actually cook meals in the kitchen outside or simply walk around the nearest food stalls in Tamarindo for a wider variety of meals.

Arenas del Mar Beachfront and Rainforest Resort
Image Source: Kayak

Arenas del Mar Beachfront and Rainforest Resort

Our last and final pick is the Arenas del Mar Beachfront and Rainforest Resort located in Manuel Antonio. This resort has one of the most excellent reviews from different guests of the world. This place may not be included on the list of known Costa Rica luxury beach resorts, but it is the proof that you really don’t have to become a queen to experience royalty and luxury.

Most previous guests agree that the rooms in Arenas del Mar are among the best rooms in Manuel Antonio. It has a magnificent restaurant. And the design, that brings the hotel into life, has a touch of rustic yet minimalist style.

The property has actually a rainforest where guests can walk around adventurously and the beach are just on walking distance. Although the hotel does strictly remind their guests to be always cautious upon strolling around the area, so it might be best to call for a golf cart. Like all other Costa Rica Beach resorts, it offers various accommodation options.

The resort is maybe a little pricey, which costs around $200 to $340 per stay, but the place is really excellent in letting the guests experience an intimate connection with the wildlife and the clean nature.

Costa Rica Food, Holidays and Vacation Packages

Although Costa Rica is really known to be more expensive than other Central American destinations, there are hotels and beach resorts like those mentioned which give something extra that is worth the extra pay. Like some cool souvenirs or amazing amenities. In Costa Rica Food, Beaches and Rain forest make you feel like heaven. Don’t forget to check some great vacation packages available in Costa Rica.

Whatever you visit on or whichever country or place you would want to stay, make sure that the experience is really worth every penny. Remember that budget counts. And there are a lot of stay-cation places, especially in Costa Rica, that fit your desire, only if you know where to go.

Which part of amazed you the most about Costa Rica? All inclusive adults only beach resorts which they really have, that’s what amazed me the most. Have you been to any of those?

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