Costa Rica Coffee Plantation: A Comprehensive Guide

How important is coffee to you? Do you brew one pot of coffee before going to work each morning or is one cup enough? If you love coffee like most of us, then you should know that Costa Rica coffee is one of the best globally. Most people who travel to this country go there to get the taste of their well-brewed coffee.

Costa Rica’s Coffee

The agricultural sector in Costa Rica has invested a lot in coffee production. In 2016/2017, their coffee plantations produced up to 1.4 million bags of coffee weighing 60 kilograms each. Let the number go up all it wants – they won’t stop as they are working hard to add more. Costa Ricans grow and call their coffee the Arabica variety because of its smooth and sweet taste. Their plantations have different blends of coffee such as citrus, berry, and roasted chocolate flavors.

costa rica coffee plantation

The History of Coffee in Costa Rica

The production of coffee in Costa Rica is not new in any way. It has lasted for years and still counting. Costa Rica has always grown their sweet coffee since 1798 which makes it a top priority in the country. In this side of the world, the coffee industry surpasses the tobacco and cacao production because their government is always willing to dish out acres of land to coffee producers. Their government relies on the money from coffee production to build and maintain roads, ports, and other infrastructures.

As part of Costa Rica’s family traditions and hospitality, they don’t offer coffee to guests only in the morning but in the afternoon as well. If the coffee is too strong for you, taking it with empanadas or corn cakes will make you feel better.

4 best Costa Rican Coffee Plantations

Do you wish to embark on a Costa Rica Coffee Plantation tour to know what makes their coffee stand out among the rest? Then, you can consider going to these four best Costa Rica coffee plantations.

1- Hacienda Espiritu Santo

If you choose this place as your next coffee plantation tour to Costa Rica, consider lodging in any of the San Jose hotels because it is the nearest city to this plantation. This plantation has more than six hundred acres of land. You can feel at home by exploring their different facilities. You can go to the fields to see how they maintain the coffee crops or the showroom to see the traditional way of brewing Cafe Chorreado in Costa Rica. This tour might also be your opportunity to learn how they harvest and roast their beans. This is one of the best San Jose Costa Rica coffee plantation tours.

2- Finca Rosa Blanca

As a guest in this plantation, you will get to know more about the country’s renowned coffee. Do you want an easy-breezy environment? Or you want to view those volcanoes that you see on Tv. This plantation that is somewhere in the Central Valley can give you access to all these. The best time to visit this plantation is from October to January. During these periods, you can pick the beans with your bare hands and even join experts in testing and rating their gourmet coffee.

3- Doka Estate

This family-owned coffee plantation has offered a lot in sustaining Costa Rica’s history and agricultural heritage. It is the largest coffee plantation of its kind, with the oldest wet mill in the country. Their charming property is something to adore and cherish. Go near and watch beauty at its peak.

4- Don Juan Coffee and Chocolate

For some, coffee is the best morning routine. So imagine waking up in this famous cloud forest with crisp-clean air flowing to you from every corner. In the kind of place, to crave for one pot of coffee is as legal as the law itself. This plantation is a mystifying destination for any coffee tourist.

3 best coffee plantation tours in Costa Rica

Don’t just plop down in a chair wondering about the beauty of Costa Rica and its mystifying plantations. You can’t behold the immense beauty of these plantations without a tour. So here are the three best plantations to tour in Costa Rica.

1- El Toledo Organic Coffee Plantation

Have you ever imagined a family life on a coffee plantation? Or you want to know more about permaculture. Then you should consider a coffee tour to El Toledo. This plantation produces coffee using natural methods. You don’t need 24 hours to tour around this place – two hours is enough to see and learn how to process and roast coffee. But don’t just stop at that, you can extend your tour and bless your day with their natural surrounding.

2- Mi Cafecito Costa Rica Coffee Plantation

This place has it all. From walking through a green forest of many cedars, Botarrama, and laurel trees to beholding the beautiful sight of different tropical birds. It doesn’t stop there, as there are mountains and rivers surrounding this place. While you are at this, don’t forget to taste their sweet coffee and thank yourself later on. Also, you can make out time to learn their coffee production techniques and see why biodiversity is one of their top priorities.

3- Cafe Monteverde Costa Rica Coffee Plantation

There is no Costa Rica coffee plantation hotel. However, if you are going to this plantation, don’t bother about where to sleep because it is near to San Jose where there are a couple of hotels. Cafe Monteverde is a sustainability leader that uses initiatives and environmental practices in developing the community. Since this plantation employs their workers from the local community, buying coffee from them is a way of showing that you support their good deeds. You also stand a chance of learning how to separate coffee berries into different grades.

Here is the travel checklist for anyone going for a coffee plantation tour in Costa Rica.

  • Waterproof phone case,
  • Travel insurance,
  • Portable charger,
  • Sarong,
  • Hiking shoes,
  • Rain jacket,
  • First-aid kit,
  • Day bag.

Become part of Costa Rica

Are you financially buoyant? Is farming your hubby? If so, you can consider buying a 70-acre coffee plantation in Costa Rica. San Ramon Coffee Farm has springs, waterfalls, ocean views, fruit trees, and acres of land for your coffee planting and production. Invest in Costa Rica and let their hardworking locals become your neighbors. You are looking for Costa Rica coffee plantation for sale, there are some established and reliable brokerage houses. But choose carefully.

Tour Around There, and See the Beauty of Nature

If coffee leaves were money, Costa Rica would have bought it all. From sunset till sundown, their coffee keeps growing and reaching out to different places. Take a tour to Costa Rica today and get in the mood with just a cup of Joe. Don’t just go to Costa Rica – go to those highlands that surround San Jose and the Tilaran Mountain. Go where the best coffee grows.

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