5 Must-taste Costa Rican Foods (Especially if you’re in a budget!)

Whether you’re a regular traveler or just flying out for a one-time vacation to Costa Rica, it’s of common knowledge that food is more than just a necessity, it’s an experience! You know that you’ve never fully experienced the destination until you tried no less than the best food in Costa Rica. Maybe you want to try out all the food but you’re also worried about having a food poisoning or it’s your budget that cuts. In Costa Rica food is considered as a source of Happiness. Let’s explore a list of 5 delicacies that you will find nowhere but there.

So typically, you may want to know ahead what’s worth but safe to try. And that is what this article’s about! We’re going to give you 5 of the most tried-out and definitely affordable foods in Costa Rica, if you refuse to spend much money for food. We will also share the guide to Costa Rica food prices and surprising facts about Costa Rica food.

Costa Rica Food
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Costa Rica Food: Gallo Pinto

Definitely, number one on the list is Gallo Pinto. Nothing spells out Costa Rica famous food than this beans and rice combo. The humble country is famous for its naturally processed and oh-so-yummy black beans, which is usually present in almost every Costa Rican kosher food. Costa Rica has a wide variety of cultured beans.

The Gallo Pinto is one of those rare delicacies known that can be served as breakfast, dinner or lunch. But most of the time, people regard this as the ultimate Costa Rica breakfast food.

This triple-threat, is mixed together with necessary flavorings like peppers and spices but its most important flavoring is the “Salsa Lizano” a known Costa Rica food condiment. Gallo Pinto, also typically referred as simply “Pinto” by the locals, is usually paired with eggs and cheese or sour cream when served as breakfast.

Then, it is usually served with Chicken and fruit side dishes when served for lunch and dinner. Prices may vary depending on the restaurant or food chain, of course, but usually they range from $4.00 to $8.00. What a total lifesaver!

Costa Rica Food: Chifrijos

Although, there have been a lot of debates and confusion as to the origins of this dish, people can never deny the fact that this one is mainly a San Jose, Costa Rica food. Chifrijos is a pork and beans salad with a little bit of rice and chimichurri. Mostly, it is served with nachos or other chips to dip in it.

Food chains would have their different style of preparing the dish. Some would add broth beans in it or several fruits like avocados but the main stars of the show, which are the pork and the beans, would always remain. The name of the dish itself explains it, as Chi refers to chicharrón (fried pork) and frijo refers to frijoles (beans), hence Chifrijos.

This tasteful one costs around $3.00 to $ 5.00 from street vendors but expect to pay much more in restaurants. The cost of food in Costa Rican famous restaurants is normally higher.

Costa Rica Food: Ceveche

Next in the list would be Ceveche. Now, I know we’re talking about hundred percent stomach-safe food here, but before you give me that look you need to know what this signature dish of Costa Rica is made of.

This Costa Rica culture food named Ceveche or Ceveche Ticos is a food having raw fish or any other seafood as the main ingredient. You might be wondering how can a normal person eat a raw fish. The fish is actually cooked in vinegar, or apple ciders, or naturally the juice of the lime and lemon. Basically, the acidic solution of those liquids will speedily cook the fish.

You can always choose to stay safer, but it ain’t a complete Caribbean coast experience if this dish is not dug in along the beach. This usually comes with a strong beer or carbonated beverages. Including drinks with it, this whole dish costs $10 or under.

I’m sure after all the famous main courses you tried, your heart would scream for desserts. And it ain’t a typical Costa Rica visit if you had never tried their fresh set of fruits.

Costa Rica is known for their wide variety of delicious farmed fruits and the place of the strangest ones you can ever see.

Costa Rican tropical fruit salad

One famous dessert in Costa Rica is the traditional Costa Rican tropical fruit salad. This is not just any typical fruit salad other parts of the world could offer. In Costa Rica, most vendors mixed in the famous yet rare fruits that seldom found in urban places. The Costa Rican salad is mixed of papaya, fresh cacaos,watermelon, oranges, granadilla, mangoes and pineapples which spells out goodness.

Most tourists and locals buy the famous fruits separately in Costa Rican markets, to experience each fruit divinely. But nothing can be a lot more game-changing to combine these fruits into one salad which ranges $6.00 to $10.50 in most street vendors.

Costa Rica Food: Tres Leches

Tres Leches. The name itself causes one to go drooling. Tres Leches or in English means “three milks”, is a traditional dessert in the country with sponge cake dampened by the three variety of milk; heavy cream, evaporated milk and condensed milk. The milk mixture is soaked into the cake which gives a fine Tres Leches experience.

Most cafeterias and restaurants in San Jose sell it, but you can find it easily anywhere in the supermarkets. As I’ve said, price would definitely vary, depending on the selling place. So just expect that prices are always cheaper in the supermarkets or along the streets.

They say that there are two types of traveler in the world, the ones that had been to Costa Rica and the ones that have Costa Rica on their bucket list. And we actually know why, because Costa Rica is simply one of the most visited tourist destinations in the world. Especially, if you’re from the United States, and longing for a fresh costal air, that country must be totally on your list.

We know for a fact that Costa Rica is not only famous for its beautiful beaches and other tourist spots, but most of all, for their rare delicacies. In Costa Rica holidays become awesome with mouth watering dishes. Another great thing is that in Costa Rica travel packages are also affordable.

They have different styles of food that speak their rich culture. These food are as heavenly in the eyes as they are when tasted and eaten. With thousands of them, it is just easy to find a favorite.

What’s yours?

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