4 Amazing Resorts in Costa Rica

If you are thinking of traveling to Costa Rica for your vacation, then finding the best out of the many Costa Rica resorts is a priority. Other people who think that the place they will stay during their vacation does not matter at all. Some people can choose Costa Rica luxury resorts since they will receive a number of services that are not available in ordinary resorts.

There are also various services offered by the resorts depending on needs of the traveler. Services can be all-inclusive where you will receive a number of services at the same price. It is well fit for the family members going for vacation in Costa Rica. However, one of the things that you need to know is that you should select a resort that has a private beach. This will help you avoid fighting for space at the beach. If you have no idea about Costa Rica beach resorts, then here is a list of the top beach resorts and a description of services offered at the resorts.

Nayara Springs

The Nayara Springs is one of the best resorts where you can spend your time while on vacation in Costa Rica. If you have previously visited the place, then you need to know of the renovations that have taken place in the resort. The experience you had last time at the resort will be different.

Nayara Springs

There are about 19 villas, a yoga pavilion, a pool, café and for those who love going out for   work out, an equipped gym is available.  Resorts that cater for certain categories of people have also been built such as the all-inclusive adults only resort which has a had a number of visitors since its opening.

Rooms have also been made to give you the luxury experience you need while on your vacation in Costa Rica. Each of the mornings that you wake up, you can enjoy a cup of breakfast before beginning your day.

Adventurous excursions are also available. If you need a massage once in a while, then visit the spa that is located within the resort. Nayara Hotel is also located almost near Nayara Springs and it has been connected with Nayara Hotel with a bridge.

If you are a coffee lover, then the resort has got you covered. The resort obtains coffee from a farm located nearby the resort and beans are roasted thrice in a week within the resort. The perfect look of the surrounding rainforest while you are taking relaxing.

Villa Buena Onda

It is one of the best Costa Rica family resorts and spending your time at this hotel will leave you with memories. If you are traveling as a family, you should consider using this hotel since the dining places in the hotel are big enough to accommodate a family.

Villa Buena Onda

One of the striking things about the beach resort is that there are regular shuttle travels in the mornings and evenings to nearby beaches. If you miss out the shuttle or you do not feel like going to the beach, you can get to the nearby pool and have a good time while enjoying cocktails at the same time.

The menu that is offered at the resort is light and fresh. There are a different vegetable foods available for the vegans. You can also make an order of your preferred means and the attendants at the hotel will serve you. They are young and friendly.

Peninsula Papagayo

This is one of the world class resorts that are located in Costa Rica. If you have ever traveled to Mexico, then Peninsula Papagayo resembles Mayakoba and Punta Mita popular resorts in Mexico. If you are a golf lover, then this Costa Rica luxury resort is one that you should visit.

Peninsula Papagayo

There are also two resorts that are located within Peninsula  Four Seasons and Andaz. Four Seasons is located in an evergreen environment that will allow you to have a look at the surrounding rainforests while on your vacation. It is also surrounded by a clean source of water where you can take your time to relax at the pool while enjoying your wine.

On the other side, Andaz will allow you to have a look at the surrounding land of Pura Vida. Take your time and enjoy a world-class golf located at the resort. There is also enough parking space for the people who will visit the resort.

Hacienda Altagracia

This is the only resort located in Perez Zeledon which is the agricultural capital of Costa Rica located to the South of San Jose. Unlike other Costa Rica all-inclusive resorts, the resort is located in a place that has been rarely explored by the Costa Ricans themselves.

Hacienda Altagracia

A number of sporty adventures while on the resort will leave you relaxed all the time. If you are looking for one of the best Costa Rica family resorts, then Hacienda has it all. Even there is a playground for the kids and adults.

There are horses that you can use to have a ride to the near places. The horses are usually washed after every ride which means that they are always clean. The stables are also spacious and clean.

An organic farm located near the resort is the source of the vegetables and herbs. These vegetables and herbs are used in the cooking at the resort. If you would love to test the local foods that are taken by Costa Ricans, you can have the meals. In addition, you can also have a look at the way in which they are farmed. But only with the request of the management of the hotel.

Final Tips

When selecting a resort where you will spend your time in Costa Rica, you need to consider a resort that will give you the best experience. There are also homestays within Costa Rica where you will be received by families and spend time with them. Most of the families are friendly and welcoming and they will treat you as one of their own. You will also have a great experience since you will learn more about their language and culture. Family members in the homestays will explain various aspects of their culture to you as you share yours.  It is also cost-friendly as compared to staying at the Costa Rica resorts.

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