5 Tips to Make Sure You Get the Best Costa Rica Travel Packages

If you are planning a trip to Costa Rica, then one of the greatest things that you are always worried about is getting the best Costa Rica travel packages. Travel packages to Costa Rica deals vary depending on the preference of the traveler and their finances. That means that if you need to have the best travel experience, you need to select the best Costa Rica travel package.  There are some items that you need to put in mind to make sure you get a travel package that will meet all your needs. Here is a list of items that you need to put in mind to make sure you get the best travel packages to Costa Rica.

costa rica travel packages
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Begin by Pricing Different Travel Package Components Separately

Most of the Costa Rica travel packages are all-inclusive meaning that everything has been catered for in the travel package. While this can be seen as a way of making sure that you get cheap travel packages to Costa Rica, it is advisable to calculate components separately so that you get the best deal.

The travel package components can include;

  • The airfare
  • Activities you will carry out,
  • Accommodation, meals
  • Transport

You will even realize that you will save money if you book your own accommodation and prepare your own meals rather than using the ones that are in the travel package.

However, the travel package components vary depending on the country that you want to travel to and in some cases using all the components in the package rather than sourcing your own can be cheaper.

Have a Deep Look at the Add-ons

Most of the travel package providers to Costa Rica will include various components as a strategy of making sure that their deal looks good as compared to one of the competitors.

 It can include the meal vouchers that you will receive, the free snacks provided by the package. For example, most of the Costa Rica adventure travel packages will include additional places that you will visit for free if you choose a particular package.

If you are evaluating Costa Rica travel packages, it is advisable to carry out an evaluation of the add-ons provided by the travel package. See whether you are interested in the add-ons and whether you do use them when you are traveling.

It is also good to note that the add-ons even though they appear to be more appealing, they also come with their own price. This means that if you are a person who is interested in the add-ons alone, then you will end up spending so much. You need to create a combination of your preferences with the available add-ons.

Understand the Fine Print

Taking your time to read and understand the fine print will prevent you from a number of surprises when you want to book a travel package to Costa Rica. Some travel packages to Costa Rica deals will provide the quotation that will be used by one person only while traveling. If you come with more than one person, you will pay more.

There are also Costa Rica family travel packages that will cater for family members. There are Costa Rica travel packages with airfare while there are others that do not have. Get to understand the final print. Some cheap travel packages to Costa Rica do not mention the location of the hotel. Know the location of the hotel and know if it is near your destination to avoid incurring extra transport costs while on your trip. Make sure that you have restaurants near by. For example, if you are vising Santa Teresa, Puntarenas, do some research about the restaurants in Santa Teresa before you reach there.

Some of the Costa Rica travel packages can look so attractive but they will be limited to a certain duration. It is also good to read the policies that are found at the end of the final print s that you can learn on the terms and conditions and incidences where you travel package can be canceled. It will help you to play by the rules to avoid getting into trouble.

Get to Know Hidden Bills on Your Costa Rica Travel Packages

Costa Rica travel packages can sometimes fail to mention the additional fees that will be charged while you are on your trip. Such fees can include;

  • parking fees at the hotel
  • the resort fees
  •  the gratuity price

Most of these fees are non-negotiable and it is always advised that you carry out your homework beforehand to make sure that you have got the right figure. You can also read the final print so that you will be able to know the items that are included in your travel package and the ones that have not been included.

Get the Right Immunizations

            After you have got the best travel packages to Costa Rica, you need to prepare yourself for your trip. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has a number of vaccinations that should be carried out for someone who is traveling to Costa Rica. They include;

  • Typhoid
  •  Influenza
  •  Measles
  •  Rabies
  •  Hepatitis A & B.

There are some Costa Rica travel packages that can cover the costs that you will incur when you are preparing for your trip. You can also carry the repellents and netting to keep the mosquitoes away.

There is no doubt that Costa Rica is a great travel destination. However, Costa Rica travel packages can appear to be a big deal for someone who is looking out for the best travel packages to Costa Rica. However, they will only sound good for the person who knows the various ways of evaluating each of the deals to make sure that they have gotten the most out of the Costa Rica travel packages. Carrying out your research on the travel packages by using the above-mentioned steps is a lot of work but it will save you a lot of money if when traveling. It will also help you to cultivate the habit of researching on travel packages each time that you are planning a trip to any part of the world.

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