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If you are looking for a beautiful restaurant excelling in pizza, El Girasol is the best restaurant to go to. With this restaurant, you will be spared from the bland pizza offered by many other restaurants in Cahuita. Plus, it is suited for romance.

Foods at El Girasol

The restaurant has great menu.The food comprises of local seafood, pizza dough, homemade pasta, cheese. You can order meat platter to which a spicy salami is added. It is wonderfully prepared by the chef.
Despite the majority of the restaurant offering pizza, El Girasol outshines them all in this food. With their variations of pizza, you will have an unforgettable flavor. Yet, you would still love the crust offered in other places given that El Girasol does not excel in it.
You won’t want to miss out on tiramisu.
You could also enjoy foccacia.
There is delicious bread on which is sprinkled sea salt. It is so tasty.
Because every dish is flavorful, you might want to try all the dishes.
You will love the pasta blended with seafood. In addition to Costa Rican dishes, you can try new foods.
You can wine options: you can buy a liter or glass of it. The wine is so fantastic.
It is better to make a reservation before you go for dinner.

Services at El Girasol

Despite the fact that the majority of restaurants have problems offering good services, this restaurant will surprise you. The servers are very attentive to the clients. They patiently take complaints in a positive way; they answer every question about their dishes.
With these great services, you will feel at home. The owner of the restaurant prepares dishes by himself; he’s helped by his wife. Given his great cuisine, you will have great Italian food; he has great ingredients.
The servers are both professional and friendly. They are so dedicated to their work. They even accept to work 24/7.Though the price is high, it is worth it for the excellent dishes.


Phone number: 00 506 2755 1164
Main St. | Frente Hotel Vaz, Cahuita, Costa Rica

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