El Jardin

El Jardin

” Restaurant, Art, Shopping and the most beautiful bathrooms “…… Guest

If you are in Orotina, Costa Rica or somewhere near, it’s one of the greatest restaurants and gift shops you will visit.

The place is nicely organized in a way that makes it perfect for you to find a room to eat and also do some gift shopping. It’s a cafeteria according to the layout and the way they serve the food.

foods in El Jardin

They are mainly offering traditional Costa Rican food. Their meals are so right; everyone finds it to be so delicious and yummy. They always use fresh ingredients, and that’s what guarantees you the deliciousness of the food. Their meals are prepared with all love and care as they are always aiming for your good impression.

The place is suitable for lunch, brunch, coffee break. They have great coffee and fresh drinks, so you don’t have to eat there, you can get a coffee or a smoothie and be good to go.


Besides being a great option to eat for lunch or a quick brunch or a coffee break when you’re out and about, it’s a generous gift shop. So you are having a good traditional meal and doing some shopping for your family and best friends.

And if you are a tourist, they make it so easy for you to find everyone a favorite gift. They have pretty much everything from junk to high end. They also have a variety of handmade stuff that will always make you impressed at the quality and also for being so pretty and special as a gift.

They also have a great variety of woodwork, paintings, jewelry and fabulous T-shirts.

The place is always clean and organized, and you are blessed with having a helpful, attentive staff. They will help you out to find what you want, and more and they are always cheerful and glad to do it.

And not to mention that their bathrooms are even artistic. Everyone comments on how clean the bathrooms are. So that proves how careful they are about your health and opinions on them.

There are also some great attractions nearby if you want to explore the town and spend some more time there like Carara National Park, Jose’s Crocodile River Tour, and Vic-Tours for some adventures.

Location and Contact Information

Address: Carretera, Alajuela, Orotina 20901, Costa Rica.

Location: Costa Rica, Province of Alajuela, Orotina.

Phone Number: 506 2428 7782

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