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Based in Alajuela, Finca AgroDolce offers excellent foods and services to both locals and travelers. If you are searching for a beautiful restaurant offering its clients a treat, look no further than this restaurant. In addition to the local foods, you can have the Italian cuisine, which is good news for the international travelers.


Foods at Finca AgroDolce

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The menu is extensive; it offers pizzas, artisan beer, salads, pasta, chicken, sausages, cherry potatoes, prosciutto, seabass, and much more. All the foods are cooked with love. The gourmet uses fresh ingredients both from the local farms and from Italy; this gives the customers a blend of Italian taste and that of Costa Rica.

For an appetizer, you can order either potato pancakes or sour scream. Though it is just an appetizer, it will have you rave about it.

Then, you can order chicken accompanied by porcine mushroom, which comes loaded with tortellini, cherry potatoes, and sausage.

As for the beverages, you can order the whiskey banana, which is served with vanilla ice cream.

You can finish off with chocolate ravioli topped with bittersweet chocolate. The desserts are out of this world.


Services at Finca AgroDolce

As clients enter the spot, the staff greets and walks them to their seats. Then, they pass their menu to the clients and help them choose their food as per their taste. The cook, Anna, has food for every palate. Even when some clients are allergic to some food type, the cook ensures that such visitors have the right food for them. Never do they eat something detrimental to their health. This thought-out service and the excellent food keep the clients eager to return as long as they have the time to do so.



The restaurant looks attractive to the people passing by. With all of its beauty, you will need to eat outside as you watch the bay. Since it is intimate, you can have romantic moments with your partner.



Open from 3:00 PM to 9:00 PM

Phone number: 00 506 2445 1779

| 75 meters South of the Church, El Empalme, San Ramon 20202, Costa Rica

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