Fish & Cheeses Italian Restaurant

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Fish & Cheeses Italian Restaurant is a little restaurant, based in Tamarindo,  offering quality Italian foods at reasonable prices. The locals and the travelers who have thus far visited the spot highly recommend it for its genuine, top-notch Italian food; they say that the quality of food even beats the foods in Italy. This is incredible yet worth believing given the Italian visitors dining at this very restaurant. So, if you are around Tamarindo looking to enjoy this kind of food, this is the right spot for you. As usual, you do need to make a reservation for its popularity and size.


Foods at Fish & Cheeses Italian Restaurant

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The menu offers lasagna, semifreddo tiramisu, bread, local beers, cheese, Italian wines, mozzarella, pasta, salami, antipasta, garlic Chimmichurry sauce, and much more. The food is excellently made with fresh flavorful ingredients.

You can start with cheese; it is flavorful and served very well. Then, you can go for meat. If you are a vegetarian, you can grab the pasta. Yet, don’t miss out on the homemade mozzarella and surf and turf steak.

As you order the antipasta, it comes loaded with cheese and salami, both of which have four different dishes.

The garlic Chimmichurry sauce smells very well and is also tasty. The Margarita is the best beverage you have ever order there.


Services at Fish & Cheeses Italian Restaurant

The chef from Milan is professional and helpful. His staff is equally helpful and attentive. When the visitors arrive, the staff welcomes them and hand over their menu. Then, the owner takes the time to explain the preparation method of the food as well as its origin. As a result, all the clients are amazed at his expertise. After choosing their meals, the food arrives in no time.



The restaurant is gorgeous with a great, romantic atmosphere. You can enjoy your meals on the covered patio. At night there is a live music consisting of a great band and dancers.



Open from 9:00 a.m to 5:00 p.m.

Phone number: 00 506 8651 8263

100 Mt Before Cala Luna Hotel | Langosta Beach, 100 Mt Before Cala Luna Hotel, Playa Langosta, Tamarindo 50309, Costa Rica

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