Ander’s Restaurant

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Ander’s Restaurant is situated in Brasilito, near the Playa Flamingo. It offers excellent foods for locals and travelers. Whether you go for a lunch or dinner, the restaurant will serve you the best food possible. If you are looking for delicious food in a secluded place, this restaurant is the best you can have in the area.


Foods at Ander’s Restaurant

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The menu provides the clients with red snapper, shrimp rissoto, fettucini, pork medallions, the Moroccan spicy chicken, swordfish, cream juice, and much more. The food is excellently cooked in the kitchen; it is beautifully presented on the plate. This will make your mouth water even before you eat it. How much more delicious will it be when you actually eat it.

If you love the seafood, the red snapper is perfect for the taste. You can order it either with wasabi mayo or with the cream juice.

For more seafood, the shrimp risotto and the fettuccini as well as the swordfish are the best you can order.

The Moroccan Spicy chicken will have your mouth watering as you remember enjoying it. Whether you order the mahi-mahi or any other dish, the restaurant clearly beats other American restaurants; it is one of the few spots you can rely on for better foods.

You can end your meal with passion fruit pie; it is the best desserts. You can also order the crepes with fruit accompanied with ice cream.


Services at Ander’s Restaurant

The restaurant offers quality services too. When the clients walk in, they are warmly welcomed and seated in a few minutes, even though the restaurant is full. Then, they explain their menu to familiarize the clients with their foods. As they make up their mind about their foods, the staff brings the entrées in no time.



Though the restaurant looks simple, it is clean with great surroundings. The kitchen offers a great display of seafood. While awaiting your entrée, you can watch the magic in the kitchen.



Open from 11:00 AM to 10:00 PM

Phone number: 00 506 8887 7351

50 mts norte del puente de Brasilito, Brasilito 50309, Costa Rica

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