Cafe Europa and Panaderia Alemana

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Cafe Europa and Panaderia Alemana is a great restaurant based in Liberia. It is a highly recommended restaurant for its delicious, affordable dishes. As the travelers land off the planes, they don’t hesitate to visit this place—they prefer this restaurant to other nearby restaurants; the locals are not left behind. If you are looking to enjoy quality meals in this area, this spot will definitely meet your needs. So, do yourself a favor: check it out and you won’t regret doing so.


Foods at Cafe Europa and Panaderia Alemana

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The menu offers arroz con pollo, chicken, the German spaezle, salads, patstries, smoothies, pasgs, Piña Colada, gluten-free almond bread, fish, and much more.

As an entrée, you can order the tenderloin. It is flavorful and tender. You can ask for the Gorgonzola to accompany your meals; the peppercorn is also delicious.

If you are a vegetarian, you can grab the wild potatoes with the fresh veggies. They are in rosemary. If you like the Erdinger, it might be a bonus.

The bread is yummy. If you don’t want to enjoy your meals at the restaurant, you can buy the loaf as well as the pastries. The Schnitzel served with mushrooms is unbeatable. Another dish worth ordering is the thin crust pizza. It is excellently prepared on the hot oven.


Services at Cafe Europa and Panaderia Alemana

The staff is hospitable and helpful. As the clients order their foods, they can ask for a special dish to mix things up and the staff sees to it that their needs are met; they bring the food in no time.



The restaurant is gorgeous. It has a relaxed atmosphere. After your meals, you can sit back and relax while watching iguanas around the spot. There is a playground for kids, too.



Phone number: 00 506 2668 1081

Aeroporto Liberia, Liberia 50101, Costa Rica

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