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Citron Restaurante is a great restaurant based in Playa del Coco; it is near the Pacifico condos. This restaurant offers flavorful dishes and beverages for both locals and travelers. If you are in this area looking for a cool restaurant where you can enjoy meals with your partner, this is the right place for you.


Foods at Citron Restaurante

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The menu offers goat cheese salad, pasta, rissoto, linguine caprese, chili guaro, pancakes, ceviche, and the crepes, Lychee Martini, and much more.

To whet your appetite, you can order the Venezuelan Tequenos. Then, you can ask for the risotto plus ceviche. These two dishes are full of flavors.

You can also request mahi-mahi accompanied with beef tenderloin. Like the other dishes, they are flavorful and generously served.

The Fideua is one of the best seafood; it comes with pasta and fish. You will rave about its taste. For something different than the fideua, you can go for beef and mushrooms.

As for the beverages, you can grab the cocktails or the wines.


Services at Citron Restaurante

The owners, a young couple from Spain, are hospitable and attentive. Even when the spot is fully packed, there is still room for the new clients; as soon as they arrive, the staff takes them in and accommodates them with everything they need; the servers help the customers choose their foods and bring the entrées in a timely manner. Thanks to the excellent services, the clients feel at home.



The restaurant is well decorated with a great atmosphere. Given that the spot has outdoor and indoor seatings, you can choose where you would like to sit. While sitting outside you can catch fresh air, inside the spot you have access to air-conditioning.



Open from 5:30 PM to 11:00 PM

Phone number: 00 506 2670 0942

Pacifico Retail Village C10, Playas del Coco, Costa Rica

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