Falafel Bar Medetirenean cusine

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Falafel Bar Medetirenean cusine is a small, beautiful restaurant, located away from the main road. It serves delicious dishes at cheap prices; the spot specializes in middle-eastern cuisine. So, the travelers and the locals have the privilege of trying this type of food in Tamarindo, Costa Rica.


Foods at Falafel Bar Medetirenean cusine


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The menu offers homemade pita bread, chicken shawarma, the Schug-hot sauce,  salads, falafel, lentils, French fries, Egyptian rice, hummus, chickpeas, lamb, and much more. The food is cooked with passion and served in large portions.

The pita looks fresh and inviting. As you taste it, you will need more. It certainly beats both US grocery stores and the Mediterranean restaurants.

For lunch, you can order the hummus accompanied with the falafel. It’s simply unbeatable.

The rice is made with onions and some veggies. It can be best enjoyed with the chicken shawarma, the schug-hot sauce, and the Mediterranean salads.


Services at Falafel Bar Medetirenean cusine

The staff is kind and professional. Since they are Israeli, they offer genuine middle-eastern foods. Upon the arrival of the clients, they take them in and accommodate them with anything they need: the owners help the clients choose their meals. When the clients have some questions about the food, the staff readily answers them and offers great recommendations. As the customers make their orders, the food arrives in no time. Whether you want meat or the veggies, the staff has you covered with the best foods. At the end of the meals, they kindly offer some information to the travelers about places to visit and things to do while in Costa Rica.



The restaurant is gorgeous and peaceful thanks to its location off the main road. You can then have romantic moments with your partners.



Open from 10:00 AM to 11:00 PM

Phone number: 00 506 2653 1268

Playa Tamarindo | Guanacaste, Tamarindo 50309, Costa Rica

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