KayaSol Restaurant

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KayaSol Restaurant is a renowned bar situated in Nosara. It caters for breakfast, lunch, and dinner; its flavorful dishes are suitable for every taste. Since it’s a famous spot in the area, it easily gets full. So, you need to make a reservation; you can either pay with cash or credit card.


Foods at KayaSol Restaurant

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The restaurant has an extensive menu. It offers amazing dishes, such as chicken curry, bacon burger, beet burger, fish tacos, omelette sandwich, mahi-mahi sandwich, burritos, hot salsa, eggs, bread, and much more. The food is beautifully presented on the plates. You can tell it is prepared with passion to provide the clients with the best flavor.

The dishes are served generously for your satisfaction; you can order some more food if you will.

To whet your appetite, you can start with bacon burger. It’s so appetizing.

Then, you can order chicken curry as an entrée; it comes loaded with crisp veggies. This dish is out of this world.

If you need some more food, you can ask for the omelette sandwich with the hot salsa. These unbeatable meals will get you fully satisfied.

Then, you can end your meal with the yummy watermelon juices, margaritas, and cold beer.

Services at KayaSol Restaurant

The restaurant provides great services for the clients. The servers are friendly and professional. They are open for questions about their menu. When clients arrive, whether they need breakfast or dinner, the staff gets it for them in a timely manner.

The owner is a great connoisseur; he’s respected in the area. As clients eat his food, they can easily tell that it was prepared by a skillful cook. Given his recent extensive training, he definitely outshines every other cook in Nosara—the foods and drinks are sold at unbeatable prices.



The spot looks clean and attractive with a relaxing atmosphere. Clients find it comfortable to enjoy their meals on the open-air patio; football enthusiasts are delighted with the games on the TV.




Open from 7:00 AM through 10:00 PM

Phone number: 011-506-2682-1459


Playa Guiones, Nosara 50206, Costa Rica

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