Shrimp Hole

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Shrimp Hole is a little restaurant, situated in Tamarindo, that excels in shrimps. Whether you visit the spot for breakfast, lunch or dinner, your needs will satisfactorily be met. For the amazing dishes, you’d better go early, as the spot may be full.


Foods at Shrimp Hole

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The menu is small. Yet, it has delicious dishes, such as shrimp curry, garlic shrimp, macaroni salad, rice, yucca chips in bun, sauce, shrimp burger, ginger lemonade, Thai salad, tzatziki, and more.

Thanks to its great cuisine, the restaurant offers well-prepared foods. They all are out of this world.

The restaurant has tasty starters and desserts.

Shrimp burger is so tasty; you should not miss out on it.

As you order garlic shrimp, your plate will come with rice as well as macaroni salad.

With the tasty sauce, you can dip in any food you like.

If you like salads, you can ask for the Thai salad. As for pasta, you can order macaroni pasta. They are very delicious.

In addition to tasty foods, you can order yummy ginger lemonade, which comes with turtle straws; you can order passionfruit drinks.


Services at Shrimp Hole

The staff is both friendly and attentive to the clients.

Since the restaurant has a great connoisseur, the staff serves unbeatable foods; even their gluten-free food is not bland. This amazes the customers, and guarantees their return for more.

Food and drinks are well priced; they all are affordable.

Again, you should come early or make a reservation in advance, so that there is always room for you.



The restaurant has a nice ambiance; it is well decorated both on the inside and on the outside. Whether you sit inside, you feel comfortable. As you enjoy your meal, you can watch the movement of people on the street.



Open from 11:00 AM to 9:30 PM

Phone number: 00 506 8726 0359

Next to 2001 Supermarket | Next to Supermercado 2001, Tamarindo 50309, Costa R

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