Soda Colochos

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Soda Colochos is a beautiful restaurant excelling in seafood. Located near the center of Playa Samara, the spot is very easy to find. The travelers and the locals who have made to this spot are happy with the food. It is suitable for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. If you are in this area looking to enjoy excellent seafood, this is the place for you; the foods are affordable. As you go, take cash with you instead.


Foods at Soda Colochos

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The menu is available in two languages: Spanish and English. It offers paella, fish, patacones, gooey sauce, ceviche, octopus, and much more. The foods are excellently made with fresh, locally sourced ingredients, including the very seafood. They are also served in large portions. Any order you make will make you full and satisfied.

You can start with the ceviche. It is tasty and appetizing. Then, you can ask for the paella.

The fish is best enjoyed with lemon sauce. It is fried and served with gooey sauce. The red snapper is one of the best fishes you can have. Most of the clients rave about it.

The octupus and patacones can best be enjoyed with watermelon juice. They are perfect.

If you still need more food, you can order the Casado. It comes loaded with a number of delicious dishes; you can also order the piaya.

As for beverages, you can order the Imperial beer, in addition to the juices.


Services at Soda Colochos

The staff is professional and helpful. After receiving the visitors, they accommodate them well. They help the clients choose their favorite food and recommend the best seafood. The entrées arrive in a timely manner. Since the staff speaks both Spanish and English, every client communicates with the staff no problems at all.



The restaurant looks gorgeous with a great atmosphere. After enjoying their meals, the clients sit back and relax with friends. They also snap their favorite beverages while marveling at the beautiful place.



Meters South Of Ice 150 | near Rancho de la Playa and Samara Massage, Playa Samara, Costa Rica

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