5 Best Restaurants in Tamarindo for Travelers from USA

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If you have been wondering where you can find the best restaurants for travelers from the USA, then we have got you covered. Take a look at the following restaurants, and choose the right one for yourself:


Santa Rita Cafe

This restaurant offers a great variety of foods; it offers veggies, meat, and organic foods. This place offers great services marked by the staff’s friendliness.

Given the foods it offers—coffee and others—the place is great for breakfast. It is just a perfect spot to start your day. Not only do you get delicious foods, you also get fresh dishes at an affordable price. This makes this place a must for many travelers.

The menu comprises coffee, bread, veggies, various kinds of smoothies, and much more.

The restaurant looks attractive; it is one of the best restaurants offering great fun for kids. So, if you have kids, you need to take them with you. They will love the playground while you are seated and treated by some of the best staffs in the area.


Little Lucha

This is one of the highly recommended restaurants in the area. It offers delicious and affordable dishes to both locals and travelers. If you are in Tamarindo, feel safe to visit this place; you are in the right hands.

The staff of this restaurant is amazing. They warmly welcome every visitor coming in, making them feel lucky to find this place. As they are seated, the tacos and drinks are offered to them.

The menu comprises chicken, aguas frescas, fish, tacos, barbacoa, shrimp, horchata, and much more. Because of the foods are yummy, you might have a hard time choosing your plate. If you love seafood, you cannot miss out on the fish. It is one of the best dishes.

The restaurant also looks nice and neat, making the clients love it even more.


Flying Bull

The restaurant is located in the middle of the main drag in Tamarindo. Its beautiful building gives it better views of the open areas or the surroundings. At the restaurant, you need not worry about summer; the place has air-conditioning. The place alone feels like a great treat.

The menu offers burgers, steaks, chicken, and much more.

Another factor—the best thing of the place—that makes the customers love this spot is the staff; when the staff learns that a client is celebrating an anniversary, they call a band for a show. What is more, if a visitor or client goes there feeling unwell, they treat such an illness and the client is fine. This is surreal.


Pasta Casera Tamarindo

Well known for delicious pastas and empanadas, Pasta Casera Tamarindo receives a lot of travelers and locals alike. They all need the affordable, delicious foods and specialties of the spot. If you are in this area, this must be the spot for you.

The menu offers empanadas, chickens, raviolis, pizzas, sandwiches, beef, pasta, and much more. All of the dishes are perfectly prepared and served very well.

If you are not very hungry, you can order the empanadas, which keep people raving about; the raviolis are also good.

To most clients, enjoying the freshly made empanadas is like a dream. This should tell you something about their texture.

Whatever dish you order, you’d better be prepared to take the leftovers with you because you won’t finish it unless you share it with your friend. As you take the leftovers home, you have something to enjoy the next morning.


Buon Appetito

If you have been wondering where to enjoy Italian foods in Tamarindo, I have this good news for you: go to Buon Appetito. The gourmet comes from Italy—hence Italian cuisine. The restaurant is located near the town. You can either walk or drive to the place.

In addition to their delicious foods, the staffs are friendly and helpful. So, you can get some ideas on what to order, thanks to their experience in this area.

The menu offers a variety of foods such as sandwiches, bread, smoothies, juices, pizzas, cappuccino, all of which are amazingly made to meet your needs.

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