Barock Music Pub

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Barock Music Pub is a new restaurant offering quality foods at affordable prices in San Antonio De Belen. Given its tasty foods and excellent services, the locals and the travelers pack the spot as soon as it’s open. They go there for simple and special dishes, which are suitable for celebrating anniversaries. If you are around this area wanting to celebrate your birthday or to satisfy your hunger, the spot can meet any of those needs. Plus, the restaurant has a safe parking lot.

Foods at Barock Music Pub

Image result for barock music pub heredia

The menu comprises of meat hog, Blody Mary, juicy meats, fried eggs, chorizo tacos, cheese, fries, jalapeno peppers, lettuce, chifrijo, Casado, shrimp pasta, crispy onion rings, and much more. The lettuce is blended with flavorful local ingredients to make an unbeatable salad.

You can start with the fried eggs and fries. Then, you can have at meat hog, a tasty and huge burger. Yet, don’t miss out on chifrijo and chorizo tacos, to which you can add the shrimp pasta. They are out of this world. If you still need food, the Casado can get you stuffed. As for beverages, you can have the yummy jalapeno peppers to accompany any of your food.


Services at Barock Music Pub

As soon as the clients arrive, the staff welcomes them. As they take their seats, the menu is handed to them. With the kind servers, they can request any help upon choosing their meals: as they make an inquiry about their cuisine, the staff kindly explains the preparation methods of each dish, so the clients can be familiar with the foods and thus choose according to their palate. The food comes in no time. Given that the staff is always present, you won’t miss a thing; you can have all you need.



The restaurant looks attractive with a great atmosphere. Whether they are for lunch or dinner, the clients can enjoy their meals while listening to relaxing music.



Open 11:00 AM to 2:00 AM

Phone number: 00 506 2589 0080

Torre Geko, Centro Comercial Plaza Real | Ulloa, San Antonio De Belen 40701, Costa Rica

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