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Caracoles De Colores is a brilliant and a spacious restaurant situated in Heredia. It is an easy find thanks to its prime location in the town. The spot is suitable for couples, family, and friends; you can’t afford to miss out on the restaurant’s affordable, flavorful dishes and comfy setting.


Foods at Caracoles De Colores

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Despite their complicated names in Spanish, the menu offers delicious dishes such as tiraditos, pasta, anticucho, chicken, Black pepper tenderloin, salad, and much more. The food is cooked and served in such a way that clients are both satisfied and satiated.

You can start with the fresh salad, and then order the chicken accompanied with pasta. This is one of the best meals in the spot. You can’t leave without ordering this one.

If you need more food, you can either grab the black pepper tenderloin or the anticucho. With more food on the menu, you can still order more. If you are perplexed by the names, you can request explanations from the staff. Don’t let anything deter you from enjoying yourself.


Services at Caracoles De Colores

The staff is professional and helpful. Given the large size of the restaurant, there is always room for everyone, independently of how busy the spot might seem to be. When the clients arrive, they are given chairs and the menu for them to choose their favorite dishes. Again, since most of the names of the foods are in Spanish, the kind staff offers to explain their dishes to every English-speaking visitor. So, they can choose well, in accordance with their taste. Then, the staff brings their food in no time.



This well-decorated spot has an amazing atmosphere. While enjoying their meals, the clients are amazed at the great views of the spot and of the city.




Phone number: 00 506 4034 4330

San Joaquin De Flores | Diagonal Ala Parrillita De Pepe, Heredia 40101, Costa Rica

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