Creperie & Cafe Entre Nous

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Creperie & Cafe Entre Nous is an amazing restaurant, based in Heredia, excelling in coffees and drinks. It also offers other delicious dishes, thereby catering for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Since the food is flavorful and well priced, lots of locals and travelers frequent the spot and keep returning for more. Next time you are around this area, you would want to miss out on this one.


Foods at Creperie & Cafe Entre Nous

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The menu offers healthy and flavorful dishes such as pita bread, crepe, avocado, foccacia, tomato, cakes, and much more. The dishes are excellently prepared with fresh ingredients. They are served in generous portions.

The vegetarian pita is sumptuous and suitable for the vegetarians; the pita bread is also delicious and large. The specials—coffees and drinks—are all yummy.

You can start with capress salad accompanied with brochetas. Then, you can order the entre nous: it is a blending of ginger with lemonade, mint and pineapple juice.

You can share it with your partner. Plus, you can ask for the crepes. Loaded with mushrooms topped with white sauce and oregano, they are large and flavorful.

As for beverages, you can order the lemonade accompanied with ginger. The ginger is mixed in a way that the drink is still tasty.


Services at Creperie & Cafe Entre Nous

The staff is friendly and kind to the visitors. After welcoming them, the staff takes care of the clients by providing them with their favorite dishes and drinks in no time. As a result, they are happy with the services.



The restaurant is well decorated with a quiet atmosphere. Behind the spot, there is Volkswagen bus with a table holding up to four clients. The front part also has four tables. With many other tables at the spot, every client has a place to seat. After your meals, you can sit back and relax.



Open from 10:00 AM to 7:00 PM

Phone number: 00 506 2261 5108

25 Mts Oeste de la Entrada a la Explanada 11 | 25 Oeste de la Explanada 11 de Abril de la UNA, Heredia 40101, Costa Rica

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