El Tigre Vestido

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El Tigre Vestido is an amazing restaurant, built on a coffee farm in Heredia, overlooking the city with breathtaking views. It is suitable for all the meals, breakfast, lunch and dinner. The spot is worth visiting thanks to its unbeatable dishes and services.


Foods at El Tigre Vestido

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The menu offers delicious dishes, such as seafood soup, shrimp, tuna taco, burger, salad, artisanal pork chop, tuna tartar, chicken, steak, grilled hearts of Palm, corvina, bruschetta, sauces, rice, and more.

All the foods are perfectly cooked to suit your taste. They are served generously.

To whet your appetite, you can order tuna tartar as well as bruschetta. They are a great combination and excellent starters.

If you love salad, you can order roasted beet salad, which is fresh and delicious.

Tuna taco is a perfect meal for breakfast.

Costa Rican Hearts of Palm is out of this world.

The Artisanal Pork Chop is another great dish to consider.

There are delicious sauces to dip in your food.

Since there are lots of tasty foods, you may feel like eating them all. Yet, you should not miss out on the desserts. They are so yummy.

Aside from the wonderful dishes, you can order wines, white and red, a great addition to your food. If you prefer drinks, you can either order cocktails or cilantro margaritas.


Services at El Tigre Vestido

The restaurant offers excellent services; the owner is the connoisseur of the spot. His food is cooked so well that every meal you order is delicious. Visitors love his veggie dishes. He is one of the few gourmets you can trust in the area. He always ensures that his customers are satisfied with their orders; the kind and friendly servers are always ready to cater the tasty foods.

What’s more, the Visitors who stay at Finca Rosa have free breakfast.



The restaurant looks so attractive and has the best views of the city. Visitors can’t help watching these views and taking pictures of the amazing scenes.



Open from 6:00 AM through 10:00 PM

Phone number: 00 506 2269 9555


Santa Barbara de Heredia | Calle Tierra Blanca, Heredia 3009, Costa Rica

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