La Galeria

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La Galeria is the main go-to restaurant in Heredia for its uniquely prepared dishes and drinks, which are local products. As such, the spot is proudly Costa Rican. Yet, it’s also frequented by European and American travelers. You can’t afford to miss this hidden gem once you’re in Heredia. Surprisingly, it’s a well-priced spot.


Foods at La Galeria


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The menu offers foods such as Simbolista burger, spicy sauce, salads, sweet plantains, pastas, hamburger, and much more. Given its fresh ingredients and the savvy of the gourmet, the food is perfectly cooked. Oddly enough, the fries aren’t fried yet they are unbeatable.

Since everything is locally sourced, you can’t order cold drinks—there are no Coca Cola products. Instead, you get to order local beverages—natural juices—freshly made at the restaurant. They are poured into beautiful jars, which are skillfully made by local artists.

To whet your appetite, you can either order shrimp salad or nut pesto pasta. The shrimp salad is a blend of so many tastes; the latter is a tasty sauce.

You can’t miss out on the burgers. They are best enjoyed with the tasty local drinks. You can also grab the spicy sauce to dip in your food. Then, you can finish your meals with a brownie.


Services at La Galeria

The waiters and the owners are kind and friendly towards the customers. They welcome every visitor with comfy seats. Then, they give them their menu and offer them food recommendations in accordance with their taste; the clients can either accept their recommendations or come up with their own choices—they are free to choose as they will. Given that the staff is fluent in English, the clients have an easy communication with them; they can get anything they want.



The place looks modern with a relaxed atmosphere. It has local artwork on the walls, which is for sale.



Open from 12:00 PM to 10:00 PM

Phone number: 00 506 8819 7838

Avenida 2 Calle 3 | 40 101 Heredia, Heredia 40101, Costa Rica

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