Restaurante Matices

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Restaurante Matices is one of the best restaurants in San Rafael. It offers excellent foods and beverages at unbeatable prices. If you are looking to enjoy meals, such as lunch and dinner, at a family-friendly spot with your relatives and friends, this is the spot for you. Since it is a busy spot, you need to make a reservation.


Foods at Restaurante Matices

Image result for restaurante matices heredia san rafael

The menu provides the clients with Casado, bocas, burgers, chifrijo, ceviche, meat, chips, steaks, and much more. The food is excellently cooked and served in large portions. Whatever meal you have at this restaurant, you will leave satisfied and stuffed; you might not need to order more dishes.

You can whet your appetite with chips and bocas. You can then order meat and burgers; they are fresh and delicious. If you are lucky, you can find the ribs; they are not part of the main menu. This dish will have you asking for more.

The ceviche is the best seafood you can order. If you love the steaks, you can have plenty of them as well.

If, for a strange strange reason, you still feel hungry, you can order the Casado. It is loaded with many other order dishes.


Services at Restaurante Matices

The staff is professional and kind. As the clients arrive, the staff welcomes them all with smiles on their faces, making them feel special. After sitting, they can choose their entrées with the help of the experienced staff. Thanks to the dedicated and fast servers, the food comes in no time.



The restaurant looks beautiful and clean with a comfortable atmosphere. Though it gets busy with its many visitors, there is still room for the clients to relax and chat after enjoying their meals.



Open from 11:00 AM to 11:00 PM

Phone number: 00 506 2262 3806

Metros Norte de la Iglesia de San Rafael 100, San Rafael 40501, Costa Rica

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