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Soberanos is a new yet great restaurant offering quality foods and beverages at affordable prices, in Heredia. The spot blends American and Asian cuisines to satisfy various tastes. If you are around this area looking for one of the best modern restaurants to have lunch or dinner, this is the right spot for you. For a great time, consider going with your family, partner, and a group.


Foods at Soberanos

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The menu offers various dishes, which are updated on daily basis. It offers shrimp curry Thai, avocado, Sriracha sauce, chips, wines, beers, tuna poke bowl, tilapia, veggies, fish, chaufa, tuna roll, and much more. The portions are large enough to satisfy your hunger; the wines and craft beers are from different places: they are local and international.

If you go with your partner, you can ask for the tuna poke bowl and the chaufa, prepared with Peruvian touches. If you need more, you can get tuna roll. Plus, you can ask for tasty sauces to accompany your meals; if you love spicy food, then the Sriracha sauce is good for you.

The Shrimp Curry Thai is delicious and well presented. It comes in a pineapple.

While you can order other nonalcoholic beverages such as the cocktails, you shouldn’t miss out on the sangria.


Services at Soberanos

The staff is friendly and attentive. After welcoming the visitors, they chat with them either in English or in Spanish. In doing so, they explain their menu and help them choose their food as per taste. The vegetarians can have their take; the meat eaters can also have their favorite dishes. If the clients crave a special food or would like their food to be cooked in a certain way, the owner offers to prepare it for them accordingly. Coming out of the hands of a great cook, every food is out of this world.



The restaurant looks nice with a comfortable atmosphere. While enjoying your meals and beverages, you can listen to great music. After that, you can hang out with your partner or group, if you wish to do so.



Open from 4:00 PM to 12:00 AM

Phone number: 00 506 8885 0876

Centro comercial Plaza Heredia, Heredia Centro | Local E1, Heredia 40101, Costa Rica

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