Located near the Plaza Pinos soccer field in Grecia, Hernan excels in American pizzas. Though Costa Rica is known for its shortage of excellent pizzas, this restaurant offers the best. So, the travelers and the locals who have dined at this restaurant have fallen in love with this place in such a way that they keeping returning for more, whenever they have time. With that said, if you are looking for delicious yet affordable pizzas, this place has you covered. All you need to do is go and enjoy. If you have no time to stop by, the staff can get your order delivered in a timely manner.


Foods at Hernan

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The menu offers pizzas, drinks, and a couple of other delicious dishes, which are usually topped on the pizzas. The food is cooked very well–the dishes look amazing and fresh; the portions are large enough to satisfy every client. If you order more than enough, you won’t finish your dish; you will have to take it home, which may be a good idea for some people.
The Grande Ponderosa Pizza, like other pizzas, is yummy; you cannot go wrong with this food. You can also order tasty non-alcoholic drinks to accompany your meal.


Services at Hernan

The servers are helpful and attentive. As the clients arrive at the restaurant, they are warmly welcomed and seated in a few minutes, even when the spot is crowded. With the handy menu offering one type of food, the customers choose their pizza variety with the help of the staff; the dishes arrive in no time. When the clients need extra toppings, they just reach out to the servers and they see to it that their needs are met.



The restaurant looks beautiful with a great atmosphere. During and after your meal, you will find it entertaining to watch the delivery man taking food from the spot to various places.



Accross from soccer field near downtown Grecia, Grecia 20301, Costa Rica

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