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Irie Vibes Bar & Restaurant offers a wide range of foods; aside from Costa Rican dishes, it also offers Caribbean and South American foods; it has veggies. So, if you are interested in any of these dishes, you should try this restaurant in Cahuita. As you come from the taxi stop, you will find it around the National Park near the beach. The restaurant is also suitable for parties with with partners, friends and families.


Foods at Irie Vibes Bar & Restaurant

The menu is extensive. The food comprises of patacones, fish, sauce, shrimp, pasta, burger, casados—you can order grilled meat or fish; you can also have rice and beans; you will love plantain and salad.
The restaurant has a lot to do with the culture given its offer of local food. You will love this food as it is wonderfully prepared.
In addition, you can order delicious cocktails. You can also order a fresh lime margarita. Beer is also available.


Services at Irie Vibes Bar & Restaurant

The servers are friendly and attentive to the clients. The owner is helpful. If you have no idea what you should order, he has great recommendations for you, thanks to his experience with delicious dishes.
If you are a native English/Spanish speaker, you will love the fact that they speak English and Spanish with you.
You will be delighted with their music videos projected on the wall.
Though a lot of restaurants in Cahuita are overpriced, this restaurant is surprisingly affordable. You will love it for its great food and low prices.


This beautiful restaurant is a great spot near the beach. It has great ambiance. You will love the breeze. The atmosphere is inviting.



Open from 12:00 PM to 2:00 AM
Phone number: 00 506 6002 0519
Calle Principal, Cahuita 70403, Costa Rica

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