Isla Coco’s Bar & Grill

Isla Coco’s Bar & Grill 
has every options a foodie expects from a restaurant. A tiki bar, bountiful seafood, a tour desk, live music and even a sushi hut is attached to this restaurant. This place will give you a chilling environment away from the city crowds.

Their menu shows great variability. They have Japanese Cuisine, Sushi, Grill, Local Cuisine, Seafood, Fast foods, Drinks and many more. Their sushi collection is amazing. They have an attached sushi hut that serves different kinds sushi. Foreigners love to have meals in this place. Except from sushi, their menu is rich with other various foods. Brunch, Lunch and Dinner all your meals can be fulfilled here. All the foods are freshly cooked. Carne asada, pollo asado, fried shrimp, grill chicken, grill beef, grill fish fillet, Caribbean soup, stuffed shrimp, different salads and many more items are served in this restaurant.
A vast selection of local and imported craft beers will blow your mind. Various type of wines increase the charm of this place. They also serve alcohol. Foods come in good size and with decorative presentation.
Everyone loves everything they try there so you won’t be disappointed.

Isla Coco’s Bar & Grill is a beautiful open air restaurant in front of the beach. The view is mesmerizing from every corner of this eatery. Eating delicious foods and watching the pretty view at the same time is a great combo. There are inside and outside seating arrangement. Free wifi service is available both outside and inside. This spacious place is situated in front of the ferry terminal. So you can enjoy seeing the ships sail. Live music programs held at the evening. Beautiful Latin songs will refresh you. A pleasant place for family or couples.
Staffs are very attentive and they all speak English. So you won’t face any hassle regarding language. One plus point of this restaurant is that the owner, Mario, takes care of everything.
It is a wheelchair accessible place.
They start at 6:o0 am. Which is undoubtedly very early. It is open all seven days of the week!

It’s a beautifully located restaurant. Easy to find. Your wish of eating foods and seeing the ferry terminal at the same time is going to be fulfilled here.

Mts Este del Faro 150 | 150 Mts Este del Faro, Barrio El Carmen60101, Costa Rica.
Phone : +506 4700 3142
Facebook :


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