Exploring Jaco Costa Rica: Hotels, Beaches, Weather, Nightlife and More

Located within two hours of Costa Rica capital with white sands, Jaco Costa Rica is one of the most preferred tourist destinations for a number of reasons. When visiting Jaco Costa Rica, it does not matter at all whom you are, there are number of activities you can carry out. Jaco Costa Rica weather is also cool giving you the chance to relax and be away from the hustle and bustle of your daily activities.

Jaco Costa Rica

When seeking to enjoy your vacation, booking the best hotels should be a priority. Most of the hotels in Jaco Costa Rica are located near the beaches giving you a great afternoon watching experience of the waters in the sea. If you need to enjoy nightlife in Jaco Costa Rica, you need to select the best beaches and hotels. There are also a number of activities you can carry out in Jaco Costa Rica and they are highlighted below.

Beaches in Jaco Costa Rica

Most of the tourists choose Jaco as their vacation destination due to the large number of beaches located in Jaco Costa Rica. Popular beaches in Jaco Costa Rica are Playa Hermosa, Jaco Beach, Playa Herradura and Playa Jaco. These beaches are designed in their own unique way to give you the best travel experience.

Playa Hermosa is the best destination for surfing and when looking to visit the beach, you can visit it during Quicksilver Championship. You will have a chance of watching the competitions while relaxing at the various destinations at the beach.

Playa Jaco is also one of the cleanest beaches and it attracts a large number of tourists visiting Jaco. If you are not a good swimmer, then you should avoid Playa Jaco since there are strong tides which can easily make you drown. Carry out your swimming at the beach of you are experienced.

Playa Herradura can also form part of your destination if you are looking to break away from the other populated beaches. The location of this beach is great if you are looking for a way of ending your vacation in style.

Jaco beach is also another popular beach in Costa Rica. If you need to have the best experience at the beach, visit it during the dry season which happens between December and April. A number of sporting activities can also be carried out at the beach.

A number of activities also take place in the beaches. The locals will receive you gently and offer you any directions. Whether you are a couple or a family and you are looking for the best tourist destination, Jaco Costa Rica should be your priority.

Nightlife in Jaco Costa Rica

If you do not retire to bead early and you love to have a good time in the evening, Jaco has an active nightlife. There are a number of spots in Jaco where you can spend hours in the evening. Most of the spots in jaco remain open for long hours into late night to serve the tourists who are looking forward to having the best nightlife experience in Jaco Costa Rica.

Visiting Popular Jaco Costa Rica Hotels

Total number of people visiting Jaco Costa Rica is increasing every year. So, the restaurant and hotel industry in Costa Rica is just taking off the ground. Chefs drawn from different parts of the world are moving to Jaco Costa Rica. They serve the increasing number of tourists by making delicious foods to make the travel experience unforgettable.

Here are some of the popular hotels in Jaco Costa Rica.

Side Street Bistro

When looking for the best lunch destination while in Jaco Costa Rica, Side Street Bistro would do you good. The sandwiches and breads made at the hotel are of a high quality. If you are traveling with kids, a menu for them is also available.

If you love nightlife in Jaco Costa Rica, Puddlefish located next to Side Street Bistro is open during the night.

Graffit Restro Café

Graffiti is the coolest hotel in Jaco Costa Rica where you can go out for a dinner. If you are looking to taste food made of the local ingredients, Graffit would also be your destination. They do specialize in slow food meaning that preparation of their food will take a little longer. The hotels served dinner only and it is closed on Sundays.

The Pizza Shop

It can be difficult to find good pizza in Jaco Costa Rica. If you are a pizza lover, The Pizza Shop has a great way of making a great pizza. They will make you feel you forget that you are in Jaco Costa Rica. There are also a number of the homemade items available at the pizza shop.

Touring Carara National Park

This is a great national park located near the beaches and it is one of the best rainforests in Costa Rica. Looking for the best destination to have a glimpse of the various jungle animals and birds? Carara would be good for you.

You can also observe the animals as they swim in the waters and bask on the sun. Most of them are crocodiles and other water animals.

Above all, it is recommended that you visit Jaco during the dry season which is between December and April. However, there is also another disadvantage of visiting Jaco Costa Rica at this time. There are so many tourists who are visiting the beaches at this time. Therefore, you should consider visiting Jaco Costa Rica at the tail end of this season. In Jaco Costa Rica, the street addresses are not used for directions. If you inquire about directions from a resident, they will use the landmarks to issue directions.

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