Jaco Laguna Resort & Beach Club

Jaco is an energetic, beautiful resort city on the Pacific Coast of Costa Rica in Central America. This beach town is located within two hours of Costa Rica’s capital and popular for its carefree party atmosphere and exceptional aquatic activities. This beach is 4 km (2.5 miles) long and offers one of the most enjoyable surfing in Costa Rica. It does not matter if you are travelling alone, with family or with a bunch of adventure-loving friends, Jaco is always welcoming you. If you want to enjoy your Costa Rica vacation to the fullest, make sure you add Jacó to your travel itinerary. Jaco Laguna Resort & Beach Club is a popular restaurant in this area.

Jaco Laguna Resort & Beach Club has the most delicious food menu all over the Costa Rica. Their breakfast menu is surely going to amaze you. They provide American cuisine, omelette, pancakes served with choice of banana or strawberry sauce, French toast stuffed with peanut butter and strawberries, burrito desayuno, gallo pinto with eggs, fruit salad and coffee. Both lunch and diner menu are filled with various tasty items. Casado fish in lunch and feta cheese in dinner are famous all over the Costa Rica.

Their mouth-watering sea foods and fresh juices are surely going to make you want you more. This two-storied, air-conditioned restaurant is a relaxing place for all. The theme of Ocean Meets jungle could not be any better than Jako Laguna Resort & Beach Club. A well decorated place with strong wi-fi connection. You can enjoy complete relaxation and indulge in some delicious cuisine while basking in the beauty of the Costa Rican scenery. The hotel attached with the restaurant on the same name is also very popular among the tourists. The best part of the restaurant is its amazing view of the pacific ocean and beautiful sunsets from the second floor.

Jako Laguna Resort & Beach Club is situated on the south side of Jacó Beach, considered as the quite side of town is in close proximity to town by local people. In this place you can enjoy a spectacular panoramic view of the endless Pacific Ocean, exotic jungle and magnificent mountains and most importantly the colorful Costa Rican sunset.

Calle Madrigal | 800mts south from municipality building, before Madrigales street entrance.Jaco, Garabito Municipality 61101, Costa Rica.
Contact : +50626433362



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