La casa del sabor

La casa del sabor

” This is my new go-to spot for a first meal when landing in Costa Rica “……Guest

Another Costa Rican/South American restaurant, but this time in Orotina. They offer all kinds of traditional Costa Rican food plus some many other options as well.

It’s one hour from the airport so it’s so good if you need to eat something while driving to or from the airport.


Their menu shows great variability. So you have pretty much everything you might think of. Local Costa Rican food Casados, Gallo Pinto, and Arroz dishes. As long as some Pizzas and pasta.

Everyone loves everything they try there so you won’t be disappointed.

The staff are so helpful and attentive so you can ask for some Vegetarian options if you want.


The place is so warm and cozy since it’s almost all wood, the building, and decorations. It’s so relaxing when you just sit there and enjoy the atmosphere. The service is so good as well. You can ask for anything you want and they will be more than happy to help you out. The dining area is so clean and the seating chairs are so comfortable. It’s so airy and the layout of the place is so good.

This is beside the great food for sure. Go ahead and give them a try if you are in the area or somewhere around and you will be impressed.

Prices are also so reasonable and of the average compared to other nearby restaurants. So it’s definitely a plus.

The town itself is so calm and people are so welcoming and friendly so It’s recommended to explore the streets and spend some wonderful time at the shops.

Location and Contact Information

Address: 450 Este de la Estacion de Gasolina Costanera 27, carretera sanjose-caldera Orotina, Orotina 20901, Costa Rica.

Location: Costa Rica, Province of Alajuela, Orotina.

Phone Number: 506 2427 8997


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