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La Casita del cafe is a great restaurant located away from the town, Atenas. So, to get to the spot, you need to drive yet the foods are worth your efforts. The restaurant blends delicious Costa Rican foods with its amazing view, all of which are a great delight for the clients. Next time you feel hungry in this area, you need to pay a visit to this spot. You’d take your friends with you for an indelible experience.


Foods at La Casita del cafe

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The menu offers fruit plate, eggs, coffee, beef fajitas, nachos, and much more. The food is excellently cooked with fresh ingredients.

For breakfast, you can order the coffee. It is the specialty of the spot. Then, you can order the nachos. Like the coffee, they are unbeatable; everybody enjoys them.

For lunch, you can ask for the beef fajitas. They are flavorful. After enjoying the beef, you won’t spot raving about it. You can also order the fruit plate to accompany your meal. The fruit is ripe and tasty.

As for the beverages, the Imperial Silver is the way to go.


Services at La Casita del cafe

The staff is welcoming and helpful. As the clients arrive at the spot, the staff welcomes them as well as their relatives. For the most part, the clients go for the flavorful coffee, the spot’s specialty. Yet, as they try the food, they are also blown away by its quality.



This open-air restaurant looks attractive with the breathtaking views towards the southwest. The atmosphere is inviting as well. After your meals, you can take a look at the photographs of coffee harvest; seated at the counter, you can see the coffee beans—they are grown on the steep hillsides.



Open from 7:00 AM to 6:00 PM

Phone number: 00 506 2446 7537

Oeste Entrada Estanquillos, Atenas 20501, Costa Rica

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