La Princesa Cafe

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La Princesa Cafe is an excellent cafe located in the center of Tamarindo. It offers delicious dishes and beverages at affordable prices. The spot is perfect for breakfast, lunch, dinner. If you are around this area looking for delicious food or tasty drinks, there is no better place than this one. Take your partner or friends with you for an amazing time together.


Foods at La Princesa Cafe

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The menu offers coconut and apple bread, Teriyaki Chicken sandwich, vegetarian sandwiches, coffee, Swedish chocolate balls, bagels, sweets, cinnamon rolls, and much more. Every food is flavorful; you can’t go wrong with anything at all. It feels like the staff knows of your taste prior to receiving you. The dishes are served in large portions. So, you can get stuffed easily with one order.

For breakfast, you can order the bagels as well as the bread. They will have your mouth watering. To this, you can add the coffee. It is suited for breakfast and lunch. You could enjoy it at dinner, too; the sweets are excellent as well.

The Swedish chocolate balls are so tasty that they are easily sold out. So, you will need to hurry if you crave them.

What’s more, you can ask for the veggie sandwich; it is unbeatable. The Teriyaki Chicken should not be missed out, either.

The cinnamon roll is the best dessert you can ever have at the spot.

No matter what kind of meals you visit the spot for, this spot is bound to be your favorite restaurant in Tamarindo.


Services at La Princesa Cafe

The staff offers excellent services; they are kind and helpful. The staff welcomes every client and accommodates them with everything they need. Then, the servers help the clients choose their food and get it prepare in a few minutes. While the clients wait for their meals, the kind owner, Janet, offers them tasty coffee, and provides them with the spot’s Wi-Fi information. So, you can surf the Internet and keep yourself up-to-date.



The restaurant is beautiful. Give the peaceful atmosphere, you can immerse in chats with your partner, after meals.



Open from 7:30 AM to 5:00 PM

Phone number: 00 506 6360 9936

Tamarindo Food Court | Across the Street From Bac San Jose, Behind Wild Panda, Tamarindo 506, Costa Rica

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