Aracari Bistro

Aracari Bistro is a new yet great restaurant based in Tortuguero. It offers breakfast at reasonable prices. Many visitors go there for the delicious foods. Next time you are around this Area, make sure you stop by this place. Why spend a lot of money when you can eat flavorful dishes at cheap prices? This is one of the reasons you need to give Aracari Bistro a try.


Foods at Aracari Bistro

The menu offers homemade dishes such as croissants, sandwiches, fish, El dulce, Nutella, baguettes, muesli, fruit bowl, olive oil, tea, cocktails, vanilla milkshake, jams, and much more. Made by a passionate gourmet, every dish is fresh and delicious.

You can start with the coffee or ice tea. It is made with love. The baked baguettes and marmalades are also a must for breakfast.

If you like seafood, the fish is the best you can order. It’s freshly caught and prepared with ingredients.

The Gazpacho is unbeatable. To this dish, you can add tortillas loaded with courgettes as well as cheese. As for beverages, you can order the cocktails.


Services at Aracari Bistro

The staff is very helpful and friendly. Aside from the locals, they receive many travelers; they treat them all very well: as the clients enter the spot, the staff receives them with smiles and seats them in time, regardless of how busy the spot may be. Since the staff speaks many languages—spanish, French, English—there is no language barrier at all; every client is attended to through his/her native language. After providing them with their menu, they help the customers choose their foods; they prepare the food in front of the clients in a timely manner. The owners, French couple living in Costa Rica, make sure the clients are satisfied with their orders. As a result, the clients feel at home and thus return for more.



The restaurant looks beautiful with a quiet atmosphere. After enjoying your meals, you can relax and chat either with your friends or the staff; you are not rushed away at all.



Phone number: 00 506 8433 6600

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