Budda Cafe

Given its location in Tortuguero, a place with a shortage of excellent restaurants, Budda Cafe is the best restaurant in the area it specializes in Costa Rican foods and beverages. Because of its delicious and affordable dishes, this restaurant is highly frequented, making it the main go-to restaurant in Tortuguero. Whether you are a local or traveler in this area, you are bound to love this place. For a great time, take your family with you and will be good to go.


 Foods at Budda Cafe

The menu is available both in English and in Spanish; it offers coffees, pizzas, Hurracan cocktails, mojitos, daiqui, passion fruit milkshake, and much more. The food is cooked very well; the ingredients are fresh and flavorful.

Depending on your taste, you can start either with the passion fruit milkshake or with the Hurracan cocktail. Then, you can order the salad accompanied with pasta, which comes topped with tomato sauce.

For lunch or dinner, you can order the pizzas; the Hurracan pizza is unbeatable. The mint lemonade is one the yummiest drinks; don’t miss out on the frozen daiquiri.


Services at Budda Cafe

The staff is helpful and friendly. They warmly welcome the returning clients and the new ones, and accommodate them very well. Then, the waiters help them choose their entrées as per their taste; with the fast service f the staff, the food comes in no time. Since the staff is also fluent in English, the clients easily communicate with them. If the clients need more food or something extra, they simply reach out to the servers and their needs are quickly met



The restaurant looks gorgeous with a relaxed atmosphere. With its indoor and outdoor seating, you can choose where you would like to sit; the outdoor seating is the best seating thanks to the sparkling river in front of the spot. As you dine outside, you can watch the amazing sunset over the horizon of the river. If you are lucky, you may watch dolphins swimming in the river.



Phone number: 00 506 2709 8084


Main Street besides ICE Building, Tortuguero 70206, Costa Rica

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