Lazlo’s Catch of the Day

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Lazlo’s Catch of the Day is the best place for seafood in Puerto Viejo de Talamanca. It is the main go-to spot for fish. Thanks to the skilled connoisseur of the spot, even those who don’t like seafood enjoy savoring it there. So, they realize that the blandness of the seafood they have eaten at home or in any other place is the fault of the unskilled cooks out there. Yes, this traditional spot is the exception in this regard; you will love every bit of its seafood, which is incredibly cheap.


Foods at Lazlo’s Catch of the Day

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The menu is different from the usual; it is just the catch of the day. That is to say that you get the fresh fish of the day. Depending on the day, it could be the red snapper, tuna steak, or mahi-mahi. If available, you can also order swordfish, too. Cooked in garlic, the freshly caught fish comes with potatoes and grilled veggies; the meat falls off the bone.


Services at Lazlo’s Catch of the Day

The staff is always hospitable and helpful. Even when the spot is crowded, they welcome the visitors and arrange for their seats. This warm welcome makes the customers feel at home. Since the menu is different or is not physical, the clients have no idea what to order for the day before the staff tells them. All they can do is order any fish at hand. Then, the staff brings it in no time. Given that they are knowledgeable about the seafood, the staff shows the best way to get the meat out of its bones, so that the clients can get the most of it. Since every fish is unbeatable, the clients nod their heads in amazement as they savor it.



The restaurant looks gorgeous with a relaxed atmosphere. After their meals, the clients rave about the fish as they leave.



Open from 6:00 to 9:00 PM

Ave 71 | Between Salsa Brava Restaurant and Exploradores Outdoors, Puerto Viejo de Talamanca 70403, Costa Rica

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