Manuel Antonio Costa Rica: 6 Awesome Vacation Tips

Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica is a land of exotic lush and jungles. It is a great place to stay, especially if it’s your first time. The place has a lot to offer, from beautifully luxurious hotels to amazing wildlife adventure; this place has got you covered.

However, there is also one ugly truth about the place, the fact that it is incredibly pricey. Basically, it’s one of the most common reasons that prevent people from experiencing the beauty of that precious gem of Central America. So today, we are going to give you awesome tips from expert travelers, that you need to know if you are in a budget. So after you read the rest of the article, you can definitely feed your wanderlust already, without splurging a fortune!

manuel antonio costa rica

Tip #1. Choose the Cheaper hotels

Surely, you would want to splurge a little to try a queen-worthy staycation, especially if you want to treat yourself for an allure. And it’s OK, especially if you have a pretty budget for that. But it is our heartfelt advice that you really don’t need to. Let’s be honest, what you need to have when you are in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica , is just a place where you can lay your head to rest at night. Most of the time, you are either out at the beach, or you are hiking or you are enjoying famous tourist destinations and the famous wildlife. You most likely did not travel just to sleep and treat yourself a spa, so might as well save a penny in your stay.

Maybe you’re also thinking that this tip has to go without saying, as you are already planning to go on a budget. Say no more! Because we will also mention some few affordable hotels that you might want to pick during your stay.

Rather looking for expensive Manuel Antonio Costa Rica Hotels, you just look for affordable hostels and budgetels like the Beachpacker hostels that costs only 12.5 dollars per person. You also have other pretty options like Manuel Antonio Hostel resort and the Pura Vida mini hostel with prices below 15 dollars per night.

Tip #2. Choose Hiking rather than taking a cab or renting a car

Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica is a gem for biodiversity. They are famous for their wildlife and for their pure nature. It is one of the most visited places for adventure seekers and eco-travelers because the place is an enough scenery to witness the wonders of nature. That is why, we would most likely advise you to enjoy hiking, instead of renting a car or riding a cab all the time. Especially, if you want to explore the small village of Manuel Antonio only. The Manuel Antonio , Costa Rica weather is part of an incredible tropical experience. So you don’t want to miss that out. Plus, it is just a really small village, unless you go to further places, we really recommend you to work your sneakers out and enjoy the walk.

Let us also remind you to never forget to bring water all the time to prevent dehydration, and to wear a hat or a beach scarf to protect yourself from harsh sunlight. And bringing your most comfortable hiking shoes goes without saying.

Tip #3. Choose restaurants and Cheap food

You know what they say, it ain’t a full Costa Rican experience if you haven’t tried their famous delicacies. Especially, if you’re in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica. However, most of the famous restaurants in Manuel Antonio have a touristy price as well. So instead of paying 15 dollars for a burger and fries combo, try the small, local-designed food chains like the Soda Sanchez in Manuel Antonio Costa Rica which offers famous Costa Rican delicacies in a very affordable price. Knowing and choosing the right places to eat gives you the chance to try out their famous cuisine, without having to spend much.

Tip #4. Visit the Farmer’s Market, Manuel Antonio Costa Rica

This next tip is a bit of a bonus tip from our dear locals. Every Friday night up to Saturday afternoon, there’s going to be a farmer’s market in downtown Quepos. This farmer’s market is incredibly cheap, compared to other street vendors and other local markets. They sell most of the famous tropical fruits at a very affordable price. So, this is a great stop when you go to Quepos from Manuel Antonio Costa Rica.

Tip #5. Be very careful of your things (and yourself, of course)

Other than for the reason that your health and safety is the most important matter, there is also a great amount of financial loss if you find yourself sick or worse, hospitalized in a foreign country. So, no matter how adventurous you get, and how strenuous the activities you try in Manuel Antonio Costa Rica National Park, make sure you never be bitten by a mosquito or a crocodile. Drinking lots of water all the time and bringing with you a first-aid kit, helps a lot for your wellness, too.

Tip #6. Be mindful of the time

We understand, that before you went on a trip, you have been playing marathon along with the business of your work. And so, we know that you went for a vacation to chill and unwind. But, there are just so much to explore and to try out in Manuel Antonio Costa Rica that you might want to try, or you haven’t tried yet, and tendencies are, you might not be able to try them all because, before you know it, your schedule to fly back home is already approaching.

So, being a little mindful of the time you spend won’t hurt. Utilize your time, get enough rest during the night, so you won’t have to be sleepy and tired during the day. Then, your stay and the entrance tickets you paid will be all worth it.

Hopefully these tips had been helpful for you and for your trip. There are a lot of things to explore and a lot of fun to experience in Manuel Antonio, especially if you know the right things to try and if you take these tips by heart. May you have a happy stay!

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