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If you are wondering where you can have Italian food and the best pizza in Cahuita, Pizzeria Cahuita can meet your needs. It offers delicious foods. It is situated beside the beach. So, you can choose whether you want to eat inside or outside. As you are served outside, you will be greeted by the great ocean view; you will also watch the sun setting. Monkeys occasionally pay visit to the restaurant, too.

Foods at Pizzeria Cahuita

The menu is vast. The food comprises of pizza, mushrooms, pasta, bruschetta, crust, cheese, etc. You will have a lot of options for pizza. It is wonderfully prepared to give you an indelible experience. No matter what pizzas you have eaten before; this restaurant is the best pizzeria. The pizza is perfectly crisp and thin. You might as well keep some pieces to eat as you leave.
If you are a vegetarian, you can order cheese pizza, which is suited for veggies. It is very delicious, too. Because of its great taste, you may order some more of it.
Pasta is cooked so well that it looks fresh on the plate. It is scrumptious. You can also try Gorgonzola; there is delicious spicy sausage, which is home made.
Everything is impeccable; you will also love the first appetizers and the last desserts.
As an Italian restaurant, you get wines typical of Italy.


Services at Pizzeria Cahuita

The servers are attentive to orders; they offer friendly services. The owner from Italy is very kind and hard-working man. With his family, he does his best to give you an unforgettable experience of pizza and other delicious dishes offered.


The restaurant is roomy and clean.
Given its beauty and popularity, it gets full so easily. So, you should book the table in advance—don’t go thinking you’ll find it empty. Preferably, you may want to sit on the terrace overlooking the garden all the way to the sea.
The price is very affordable.



Phone number: 00 506 2755 0179
Beach Road | Next the police station, Cahuita, Costa Rica



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