is an Oceanside restaurant in Dominical. It’s a cute restaurant with an inviting atmosphere. An amazing ocean view will blow your mind. You will have delicious meals with the beautiful sunset view.

The menu in this place shows great variability. They serve Contemporary, Central American, Fusion, Thai inspired dishes and many more. Excellent fresh quality seafood will amaze you. Their pizza collection is huge and they make customized pizzas as per your direction.
For vegetarians, they have vegan options. Their menu is not huge but it almost has everything. This place has daily/nightly special dishes. Freshly baked goods are served everyday. Service is quick and foods come in big portion. Decorative presentation of the dishes will please you. All the foods are cooked freshly. Their coconut ceviche is famous around the locality. Wide collection of drinks will make you thirstier. Various kind of local and international craft beers are there. Soft drinks, fresh juices and coffees are also there to refresh you. So, visit this place and have some tasty dishes with a great ocean view.

It’s a small but a very sophisticated place to spend some good time. The atmosphere is cozy and friendly. The ocean view will refresh you. If you go timely, you can enjoy the amazing sunset view with a beer in your hand. Soft breezes from the beach comes every now and then. A very clean restaurant.
All the staffs are very attentive and always ready to help. Satisfying all the customers is their goal. There are some bilingual servers to help the foreigners.
On Thursdays, they have arrangements of live music. The dinning area in the outdoor setting is very comfy. To cool you down on the hot days, there are fans. The menu is available in English which is undoubtedly a plus. This place accepts both cash and cards. They have takeout option.
They are open everyday a week!

PorQueNo? is located in the property of the Costa Paraiso Hotel, located on the south of Dominical. It is just 2 Km away from the main entrance of  Dominicalito Amancio rocks. An awesome place to be.

Rocas de Amancio Road, Costa Paraiso HotelDominical 60504, Costa Rica.
Phone: +506 2787 0340
Facebook: https://web.facebook.com/cpporqueno/?_rdc=1&_rdr



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