Restaurante Bar Boca Chica

Restaurante Bar Boca Chica is an excellent restaurant near the Cahuita National Park in Cahuita. Located near the National Park, the restaurant has attracted many adventurers—those who go hiking at the park. The locals also visit this spot, though. With that said, if you are visiting the park and looking for nice place with delicious dishes, this is the right place for you. You will certainly love this oasis.


 Foods at Restaurante Bar Boca Chica

The menu offers gnocchi, shrimp, pesto, beer, chicken, veggies, and some more. Though the menu is simple and limited, the foods are all delicious. Given that every dish is unbeatable, all you need is appetite.

As you order the shrimp, it comes with rice in garlic sauce; the pesto is best enjoyed with marlin.

Aside from the mouth-watering gnocchi and chicken veggies, you can order the salad, which is also yummy and huge.

As for the beverages, you can choose your favorite beer from the list.


Services at Restaurante Bar Boca Chica

The staff is helpful and hospitable. They welcome all the hikers and the locals, and accommodate them with everything they need, ranging from beers to foods as well as the information about the area. After the clients decide on their faces, the servers bring the dishes in no time; the owner, too, attends to the needs of his clients and keeps his eye on them, and thus ensures their satisfactions with the foods and services. When it’s time to go, the clients don’t miss the minibus thanks to the informative owner.



The restaurant looks nice with lots of colors. The atmosphere is relaxed. After enjoying your foods, you can linger as you sip your cold beer—no rush at all. You can also have a great with your partner by swimming in the pool.



Phone number: 00 506 2755 0197

Entrada Parque Nacional de Cahuita | Puerto Vargas, Cahuita, Costa Rica

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