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Restaurante la Finca is a hidden restaurant based in Sarchi, Costa Rica. Though it is located in a dirty road away from the town, the clients, travelers and locals, who find this spot are very happy with the foods and services, and highly recommend it to other people; it excels in Costa Rican seafood as well as other kinds of food. The restaurant is also suitable for celebrating anniversaries. If you are in search of this kind of food, this must be the place for you.


Foods at Restaurante la Finca

Image result for restaurante la finca alajuela province sarchi

The menu offers fish, chicken, pasta, seabass, beef, rice, carnie, wines, beans, pasta dishes, beers, and much more. The food is plenty and delicious.

If you would like the breakfast, you can have it thanks to the helpful staff; you can also start with the salads. They are and appetizing. You can also order the fruit juice; freshly squeezed from tasty fruits, the juice is unbeatable.

Unlike Casados, the rice is served separate from the beans. So, you can enjoy its full taste.

The beef is a bit hard, but it is very delicious. You will love it.

Then, you can finish your meals with bread made out of banana and vanilla.

As for the beverages, depending on your taste, you can either ask for wines and other beers.


Services at Restaurante la Finca

The servers are kind and helpful. They greet all the visitors and provide them with their menu. Then, they help them decide on their foods basing on their palate. They also recommend the best dishes. The food always comes in a timely manner. So, you don’t have to wait long time; you receive your entrée just when you need it.



The restaurant looks clean and beautiful with a breathtaking valley; it has a peaceful atmosphere—it feels great to enjoy your meals at this restaurant.



Phone number: 00 506 2454 1602

Sarchi, Norte, Sarchi, Costa Rica

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