Soda El Kora

If you are looking for a traditional restaurant that offers both Costa Rican and Mexican foods, Soda El Kora is the right place for you. Though it is a small and unpopular restaurant, it gives you these two choices: you will get to choose whether you want to order from the Mexican menu or the Costa Rican one. It is so easy to get there; when you are at Tiribina reserve, it is just a stone’s throw away.


Foods at Soda El Kora

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Both Costa Rican and Mexican menu are extensive. The Mexican food comprises of taco de pescado, Enchiladas, ensalada chicken, Burro, Huarache, Quesadillas as well as Batidos, giving you great experience. You can also have burgers, which are so tasty that will have you asking for some more despite the big portion you receive.
If you like sopa Azteca, you can have at it. You can also order burritos.
For lunch, you can order fish tacos. If you don’t want fish, there is delicious soup; you could also consider quesadillas. You will love the food. It is cooked by the owner, who values your satisfaction. He prepares the food with passion, ensuring that you return any time soon.
You will also be surprised that the restaurant is visited even by the locales, which means they have always loved the experience here.
You can also order ice creams; you can choose between coffee and tea.


Services at Soda El Kora

The servers are so kind. They often greet their clients as they come in. They explain you their menu as well as their preparation method to the new clients. Given their fluency in English, you will love the easy communication with them. You will eventually fall in love this place.
What’s more, if you love surfing the Internet while you dine, the restaurant got you; there is great Wi-Fi you can freely connect to.
The price is reasonable, too.



Phone number: 00 506 2761 2191
500 mts Norte del hogar de ancianos | La virgen de Sarapiqui, La Virgen 41002, Costa Rica

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