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Located away from the main drag in Puerto Viejo de Talamanca, Soda Johanna’s is a small yet great restaurant near Cockles Beach. It offers excellent foods and services for the locals and the travelers alike. It usually gets full due to its many visitors. So, make sure you make a reservation before going for meals. You’d take your partner with you.


Foods at Soda Johanna’s

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The menu offers Casado, chicken, rice, Caribbean sauce, drinks, shrimp, fish soup, tacos, Fanta, picante sauce, beans, tuna, coconut pie, ginger ale, water, plantains, and much more. The food is cooked with passion; everything is perfect.

For lunch or dinner, you can order fish soup; its cream is full of flavors. If you need more food, you can order Casado, which comprises in many foods such as chicken, rice, beans, and more. The rice is excellently cooked with coconut. The tuna is also unbeatable.

There is Picante sauce to accompany your meals. You need to order this sauce; it is more appetizing. Then, you can end your food with the coconut pie.

As for beverages, the spot offers beer, ginger ale, Fanta, and coke. The drink accompanied with ginger is delicious.


Services at Soda Johanna’s

The restaurant provides great services for the clients. Since every dish is well cooked, the staff helps the clients choose the best food according to their taste. After deciding on their mains, the servers bring the entrées in a timely manner. Aside from the food on the menu, the staff does offer other dishes upon request. For example, they can ask for lobster. The staff also surprises the clients with some goodies. The foods and beverages are well priced; they are not expensive nor cheap; they are just in the middle




The restaurant looks gorgeous with an open-air atmosphere. You can enjoy your meals outside while catching the breeze.



Phone number: 00 506 2750 3126

Puerto Viejo, Puerto Viejo de Talamanca, Costa Rica

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