Tag: 5 Best Restaurants in Cahuita for American Travelers

5 Best Restaurants in Cahuita for Travelers from US

Costa Rica has arguably the best restaurants in all of America. It is one of these reasons the country is the center of tourists from various parts of the world. Americans are not an exception; they do visit this country. Interestingly enough, they find great restaurants in every province. If you are considering traveling to Costa Rica, you will need to visit the following best restaurants for American travelers:


Restaurant Tipico Cahuita

Situated in the center of town, Restaurant Tipico Cahuita is very peaceful thanks to its quiet location on the side of the main street.

The menu offers fried lobster, chicken wings, fried rice, filet fish, Casado fish, and much more. The menu has so many dishes that, if you do not finish your entrée, you can take some home for breakfast the following morning.

The staff is very friendly; they take care of the customers so much so that they keep returning for more.

While there are many foods to order, fish, rice, and beans are favorites of many clients.


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