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The Best Costa Rican Casados for Travelers from USA

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Costa Rica is the world’s renowned country when it comes to delicious foods. Not only does it offer tasty desserts and drinks, the country also offers the best Casados that you will ever taste in your life. That is why Costa Rica is flooded by tourists every year. Upon trying their foods, they can no longer go away; that is, they have to revisit the spot. They definitely come back for more.

As for the “Casados” which, when translated literally in Spanish, means “married”, they are great. Yes, most of Costa Rican gourmets marry a lot of foods—that is, they blend a lot of dishes to offer you a perfect and unique experience. One of the best and typical blends of Costa Rica is rice and beans. Even entrées that should not deserve such a blend of dishes, you will see rice and beans in them. What is interesting, though, is the delicacy of this blend; travelers are surprised at the texture; they wonder how they have come to offer you a heaven-on-earth meal out of simple black beans and rice.

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