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Restaurante Plaza Espana

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Restaurante Plaza Espana is an amazing eating spot hidden on top of the hills in Escazu, Costa Rica. It offers the best Spanish cuisine in the entire area. So, if you are looking for the genuine Spanish foods in Costa Rica, this is the right place for you. Thanks to its excellent dishes, many travelers and locals are discovering this food treasure.


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” More than you can imagine when you walk through the door “…… Guest

Chepe’s restaurant is one of the best choices, If you are visiting San Roman for the first time, and you need a restaurant that will get you exactly what you want, then you have chosen the right place.

This amazing and highly recommended restaurant never lets his visitors down, You will get much more than you can imagine.

It is a five- stars, top-rated restaurant.

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Poseidon Restaurant


” One of  my favorite restaurants in Jaco “……..Guest 

If you’re in Jaco, Costa Rica and you are looking for such an amazing restaurant with an outstanding reasonably priced menu, you have to check out Poseidon Restaurant.

They are most known for their 6$ lunch special and their Tuna sandwiches and Tuna steak.

Almost all the visitors recommend them for how great the food is compared to the price tag so you’re paying for what you’re looking for and more.

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Taco Joint


” Best taco place ever, great food and service”…… Guest

Speaking of the cheaper options and the faster service, Taco Joint obviously stands out amongst other restaurants in this category as you’re paying a low price for a high-quality food.

And if you are a Mexican or Latin food lover and a Taco addict, you better don’t think twice to go visit them.


The place is mainly offering Central American, Mexican and Latin food.

But they are so well known for their Tacos and Burritos.

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“looked for a good stop, and found a really amazing restaurant”……. Guest

Speaking of the highly rated restaurants in Costa Rica, KATTA Pub has certainly stood up amongst the 5 stars reviewed ones.

According to all their visitors point of view, the place is amazingly attractive and everyone recommended It to their families and friends as the food was so yummy and the staff was so friendly and attentive.


The place provides Bar, Pub, Gastropub and Central American food as well as some vegetarian options if you’re looking forward to.

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Café Tico Tamarindo


” One of my beloved stops for breakfast, excellent food, and outstanding atmosphere “…… Guest

We always look for a great start to our day and what better place than Cafe Tico Tamarindo, It’s gonna be one of the first options to jump in your mind when you look for a delicious breakfast in an outstanding café.


The café offers American and Costa Rican food options and drinks, coffee, smoothies, etc.

They’re vegetarian-friendly and provide vegan options as well as gluten-free meals.

They serve lunch, dinner, and brunch as long as your favorite drinks.

And about the ingredients, they use a selection of gourmet coffee from small coffee farmers, honey, jams and hot sauce made in Costa Rica. Thay also home-made bread and pastries, all the milk yogurt, butter and cheese that they use are from local farmers. Continue reading “Café Tico Tamarindo”

El Sapo Ristopizza Cocktail Bar


“The best pizza you can get in Costa Rica even anywhere”……. Guest 

Of course, pizza is and will still be everyone’s jam wherever their destination , if you’re in Costa Rica and craving some, don’t worry I got you.

El Sapo Ristopizza Cocktail Bar is one of the greatest options out there, if you’re looking for some tasty Italian pizza made with love by professional Italian chefs.


The restaurant offers Italian and Mediterranean food, pizza and Italian cheeses along with side dishes and for some drink, they offer Italian wine, alcohol and fresh cocktails.

But if you are a vegetarian or a vegan person, you’ll find what you look for, and there’re also gluten-free meals if you’re allergic to gluten, so feel free to ask for it.

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La Diez Parrilla Argentina


  ” It is a treasure, I always go there” ……. Guest

If you’ve just landed after a long flight to Costa Rica and you’re looking for a place to eat, or if you wanna treat your Tommy with a delicious Italian meal, this is the best place to go, this is one of the best Costa Rica restaurants.

According to all their costumer’s opinions, there’s no doubt that La Diez Parilla Argentina is one of the greatest Italian Argentinian restaurants out there.

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Ohana Sushi Tapas Bar


    ” Not only the best in Jaco but one of the best Costa Rica restaurants ” ……… Guest

Food and service wise, it’s one of the top-rated Costa Rica restaurants with an overall 5 stars rating.


If you are a Sushi junkie, I guarantee you’ll feel that Ohana is your second home, They offer you Asian seafood, sushi, and grill.But if you are a vegetarian or a vegan person, don’t worry, you’ll find what you look for. And there’re also gluten-free meals if you’re allergic to gluten, so feel free to ask for it. They’re so appreciative of you and your health as well as the planet Earth in general, so they apparently prefer using all fresh and organic ingredients and they add a secret ingredient to all their meals which are always “LOVE”. Continue reading “Ohana Sushi Tapas Bar”




Costa Rica is a gastronomical Paradise. The country’s unspoiled jungles and vast ocean produce an exotic and fresh flavors. The fusion of their local tradition and modern style of cooking is a pleasure in your appetite. The combination of their old aged recipes and modern aesthetic of cooking brings ecstatic delight to every cuisine. Continue reading “PRODUCT C”